Stem Cell Therapy Treatment Naperville Rehab & Medical Clinic

Do you suffer from osteoarthritis of the knee,
shoulder, hip or rotator cuff tears; chronic plantar fasciitis, major ligament injuries
or sprains, back and neck pain, tennis elbow, ankle sprains or peripheral neuropathy? If you answered yes, there is a non-surgical
treatment option that is eliminating the pain associated with these conditions. It’s called Stem Cell therapy. Every cell in our body began as a stem cell,
as we age our bodies produce less stem cells, resulting in a longer healing times, pain
and loss of function. By injecting stem cells into the effected
area, the treated tissue becomes enriched with regenerative cells and growth factors
that greatly enhance the natural healing process. Resulting in less pain, improved function
and help returning to a pain free life. If you have tried other treatments without
success, stem cell therapy maybe able to help you find relief. This breakthrough is now available locally. Don’t ignore your pain. Call today, free consultations are available
on a first served basis. So call today!

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