Steiner Ranch medical clinic plans – ADC

Hi, my name is Dr. Paul Moore. I am an endocrinologist at The Austin Diagnostic Clinic ( We are at Steiner Ranch at our site for our new office building. We have looked at this area for about 2 years. We have been impressed with the phenomenal growth and the possibility for the clinic to establish a foothold here. There is a large group of young families So that is the main reason for the primary care focus. We feel there is a tremendous need. We would like to fill that role. There was an amazing response from the community in response to us building this facility. We feel very comfortable that we will be embraced with open arms. We will have a 12,000 square foot building that is predominantly primary care. It will have pediatricians and family practice physicians. It will have lab access. At some point it will have sub-specialists who will rotate out here. They will provide care as needed. Future plans are for evening care as well. We hope to begin construction very soon. We hope the doors will hope in the last month or two of this year So things are going to be very busy for us.

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