Stavros Offering Accessible Scales for Wheelchair Users

Narrator: Why is the scale helpful and important?
Tory- So I am really happy to be able to come here to Stavros because is really difficult
or impossible for me to get weighed at my doctor’s office. Narrator: why? Tory- Because the scale is so small and I
have to get out of my scooter and stand up and they do have a grab bar but only one and I really need at least two grab bars to be able to stand up on their scale. But I also can’t really step up easily enough on to their scale so it is just wonderful to be able to stay in my scooter Narrator: Absolutely.
Tory: It is an important part of my health to know how much I weigh.
Narrator: Yes. So when you were not able to use the scale, How did you weigh yourself? How did that work when you went to the doctor? Tory- So, I am NOT able to weigh myself when I can’t get up on the scale at the doctors office, so I have to tell them that am not able to get weighed today. And what they will put in my chart is that
I refused to get weighed. But is not that am refusing, it’s just that their scale is not accessible. That makes me feel – frustrated – that they used the term that I ‘refused’ and I mention to them that I am not refusing, but that am unable because their equipment is not accessible. Noise – people talking in the hallway Narrator- Okay, so here we have the release of liability form, and then an information collecting form that is voluntary, right? Tory- Yes.
Narrator: For people who want to participate in data collection for MassMatch, the Dana and Christopher Reeve Foundation and Mass Rehab – Narrator- Ok ready. [beep] Easy peasey. And forward exit – thank you Tory Dixon! Tory- You are welcome. Narrator: [laughing]
Tory: [laughing] Are you recording me right now!? Narrator: [laughing] Yes I am recording you right now
Tory:You’re going to have to delete that 🙂

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