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  1. I want to hug this humble dude. Move over Doctor Mike, there’s a new (old) guy in town! But seriously, one of the best videos I have seen on Youtube. Almost got me right in the feels, almost, you’re not that good.

  2. I'm going to begin Medical School at 35 years old…i'm italian… I'm TERRIFIED about the idea to start this new career at my Age…i don't even know if i really want to start cos it seems simply too much. This story is really inspiring…i hope i'll have the courage to start for good.

  3. Just a few weeks ago, the CBS Morning Show featured Dr. Carl Allamby, who decided to pursue medical school after years working in automotive repair. He’s a first year ER resident at age 48. The story is really great if anyone wants to watch the clip.

    I love hearing stories like these. Medicine as a second career may just be where I end up in the next few years. (If all goes well!)

  4. I am 38 years old and I just went back to school. The first time I went to community college my degree was culinary art. I changed my major this year to Ultrasound Technician. I am about a month into school and it's like starting all over because I am definitely new to this major. I just want the best tools to study and understand so I can make it to the end of school. You're never to old to go back to school, and learn something new.

  5. WOW! I'm 25 and the last 6 years anytime someone asks me what I wanna be doing when I'm older, all I can picture is being a dermatologist. Everyone around me is telling me to try but I thought that I was so so so late, even couple of DOCTORS I've asked to told me I was too late, I thought perhaps I should try molecular biology and genetics or bioengineering but this video changed my mind. I can relate to his story and when he talked about his fear I almost cried because I've been feeling the same and I realized I'm not alone. Thank you so much, for being the sign and the light I didn't know I was searching for. I'm gonna do it ✊🏻❤️

  6. Went back to college part-time to finish my degree at 41 and graduated with a degree in biology and a minor in Sociology four years later. I am now 47 and in my second semester of nursing school to get my bachelor of science in nursing. It's not too late. Don't listen to the haters. They just jealous.

  7. I am 24 and still trying to get in med school. I know it may seem like it's not much, but here in Brazil people my age are already at residency if they enter college right after high school. It's very different here, and I feel old. But these type of videos make me happy that I haven't gave up yet. 7 years trying, and I will continue to try until I make it. So thank you!

  8. This is a really inspiring individual. But it would be really nice if the young self-centered kid would stop interrupting him and let him speak. It would be fascinating to hear more of his story. The younger one needs to learn the world doesn't revolve around him and let him speak, I've been watching for 5 minutes and he' s interrupted him at least 5-7 times already.

  9. I love that he does not smoke . I just feel like it has become so normalized it so refreshing knowing that I am not the only one that has never done drugs and honestly not interested

  10. I just enrolled in college to become a nurse at age 36… Was feeling ridiculous for doing it so old but I think now I think it will be ok 🥰

  11. I’m 28 and starting medical/dental school next year…undecided. I’m really concerned about my age pursuing med school and residency durations…

  12. Ahh don’t judge the book by its cover I did this too I immediately thought dr mike was a douce bag pretty boy… maybe if the engineer says he’s ok I think I should apologize for judging dr mike now…

  13. What about the Morgue and who works in that department typically in a hospital setting and what are the different things that are done there, I always thought morgue technicians and medical examiners had their own buildings in another location where they get bodies shipped to them to do their work so what I’m asking i guess is there more that goes on in a morgue aside from storing the dead ?

  14. Also have you had any unexplained things happen when a patient dies or has a near death experiences? Or any medical miracles happen that you couldn’t believe or explain? And if so has any of these experiences changed your beliefs or way of thinking?

  15. I really needed to hear this. I have been stuck in a dead end retail job for the past 5 years thinking that it was too late to start a career at 27. Hearing what Papacito di just lit a fire under me! It is never too late. I AM GOING BACK TO SCHOOL!!!
    Wish me luck.

  16. This was awesome. I am 43 and 5 weeks into my Respiratory Therapy program. I have 6 kids and I have a business degree but mostly stayed home to raise my babies. I loved hearing his perspective on starting older. The part about him not quitting for anything almost brought me to tears. Thank you so much for this!!!!

  17. Inspirational. Thank you for this video🙌
    'I wrap my arm around my own ignorance' …that's beautifully insightful. I love it

  18. That is amazing. I personally don't know you,I'm so proud of you. What character and personality you have. I have sent that to my former dr.I sent him a card and said thank you for all that you have done I really appreciate you. I mentioned it to him the soundtrack of the greatest showman a million it's time I listen to that song reminds me of you don't ever stop dreaming. And I hope you find that special woman that will support you aka me. Brings me to tears thank you for sharing that story. I'd like to share my story. I'm a healthcare provider in the state of California. I live in Iran for 10 years during the Iran Iraq war. American hostage. Soon thereafter the revolution. I did escape a 1989 date away from an abusive husband and leave the country yes it was not without my daughters and my and 8 months pregnant

  19. When I was on admissions at a large midwestern medical school, we had a woman apply, college degree then housewife, age 48. This was in the mid-90s. The admissions committee said, "You're 48 now; you'll be 52 when you graduate in 4 years". She replied "I plan on being 52 in 4 years anyway; why not be a physician by then." She got in, did very well, did a residency in Family Medicine, and went out to a rural community near her hometown that needed a physician, and served happily there.

  20. This is just what I needed. I am currently studying my first career (not medicine but related to it) but I had this thing bothering my head. I wanted to be a doctor and I still want to, I didn't chose it as my first career because I felt like I didn't have the stomach for it so I chose another career and I am loving it so I don't plan on quit but I want to be a doctor, so as much as that feeling keep hanging inside me I will follow it till i accomplish it

  21. I needed to hear this so much, as I've just started nursing school at 41 and I thought I was just broken. I'm single and childfree but the stakes are always higher because you're middle aged.

  22. I'm 51 years old and I'm finishing the last year of my pre-med classes. I had lots of life changes; going to EMT school then Paramedic and finally Fire school. I graduated when the economy was bad and no one was hiring at the fire departments in any county. So I decided to go back to school after 4yrs of trying and made an attempt for Nursing school, but later on, going through my pre-req's decided to go for Physician Assistant. It's taking me a long time because I was getting my pre-req's done going part-time to school because I had to work. I've been struggling all my life and now I'm almost completing my bachelor's in biology and then go for P.A school.
    It's been a long journey for me and lots of sacrifices. My girlfriend left me after 2 and a half years together once I told her that I was going back to school. Depression hit and then acceptance settled in. I'm almost there but I keep thinking about how I wish I had someone to be by my side and maybe to start a family. I may be the oldest in my class right now but it's ok. I'm Hispanic and don't see lots of P.A's out there where I live so hopefully I can be a good asset once I finish. I think age is definitely a factor and changing career goals.

  23. My Mother started college in her 30's, and became an OT in her early 50s. Not quite medical school, but very extensive, still.

  24. 29 applying to medical school when I’ll be 30. Start when I’m 31. Won’t be done with the classes until I’m 35 — I wouldn’t have it any other way

  25. Thanks for the video. I never watch a vlog as useful as this conversation. I am 25 years old broke-aspired-auditor and being a doctor has been my dream from senior high school. I love helping people. If God gives me opportunity to live longer, I plan to pursue medical when I turn 30, years old. 5 years to go. Gonna work so hard and be rich enough to pay the medical school fees. Wish me a long life and future opportunity to do so. Thank you very much for the video, Doctors.

  26. You really have to love health care to stay in any health care career. It isn’t really how they paint it to be on tv or even in school. Most of the time there is more negative than positive. If I could re do it all over again I would never have chosen any health care career even if it paid me hundreds of thousands.

  27. I've never felt that sombody in the whole world could ever express my experience in med school and put it into words… that's amazing …Thank you so mutch for being sincere and honest ..so inspiring!!you made it worth it !!!

  28. Getting my RN at 44, trying to stay motivated. Age is nothing but a number. At least I keep telling myself that 😂

  29. Kinda wish he talked more in detail about the financial obligation and what it means at that age, he just vaguely touched on it. If you go through med school and can't cut it as a doctor at 40, facing doctor debt with no doctor salary could very well mean living at poverty levels until at least age 60, and potentially the rest of your life. Failing when you start as a teen is bad too, but seems less dire because you have more life ahead of you, and worst case, your debt will be forgiven by 40 or so.

  30. Thank you so much for posting this. I am not a physician, but as a Nurse Practitioner I can relate so closely to the fear as a new provider and the passion for medicine and healing. This video made me feel like I am not alone. Thank you Dr. Espina and Dr. Mike

  31. Love the love u guys share. Its beautiful to see such admiration u guys have for eachother. Like older brother n younger brother would have with so much respect for eachother. Its amazing.

  32. There’s a beautiful calm presence about this guy and the chemistry between you two makes my heart warm. So much respect and it’s a great reminder it’s never too late to achieve what you wanna achieve

  33. Hey this was on my birthday! I'm 38 and am a first generation college student as of this semester, studying psychology. This was so interesting to watch – thank you!

  34. come on thats insane man this story is proof no more EXCUSES
    oh boy i got lots of studying to do and i love it 😉

  35. I'm literally planning on becoming a mechanical engineer and then pursuing a medical degree in my mid-life. This guy is my spirit animal.

  36. It's so strange to me that you guys find it weird for a person to start college over 25 years old.

    Here in Brazil it is so common for people to go to college with their 30 or 40 years old …

  37. im over here worry like im 24 and I just started to improve my gpa. I graduated with my bachelor with a low science GPA. im only taking 1-3 classes since I now live on my own, I got to pay bills but this slow pace had me worry but not anymore!! as long as I get accepted at some point ill be happy!!

  38. Hi Dr. Mike. I have my heart set on going to med school. I have wanted to for a very long time. Almost everyone in my family thinks it is a terrible idea because of my age 35, but mostly because I have 2 young children. Do you think the time constraints are truly incompatible with my life situation or should I plough through.

  39. Dr.Mike can you please give Papasito a big hug from my side.
    I love his vibes, his analogies, his relationship with his wife, his way of looking at life and I have a huge respect for him and his choices.
    He actually motivated me to never give up even though I fail like 100 times.
    A big thanks to him and to you for introducing him to us.
    MUCH LOVE ❤️

  40. I am going to be going to Medical School in the Caribbean next September and I will be 37 when I go. This video really helped me knowing that I have made the right choice. And just like Luis, I started off as a mechanical Engineer as my first career, multiple other jobs (about 40 to 50) including military service, and I am currently a Nurse (Licensed Practical Nurse) and finally took the plunge to follow my passion and become a Doctor. This video is such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing

  41. I was recently working as an engineering technician for a biopharma company. I left that to go to x-ray school. Now I'm thinking about leaving radiography School to focus on getting an MD and specializing in radiology.

  42. I also started out working on aircraft (avionics), decided I wanted to go pre-med and work to be a trauma surgeon. After my sophomore year I didn't think I could keep up with the class load and maintain a high gpa so I transitioned to business (I currently work full time as a test engineer). This is really a crazy video find, I love it.

  43. I’m 28 and working on my bachelors degree. Hoping to apply to med school in a couple years, plan b is a masters in counselling. But the point is it’s never too late to decide to take control of your life and make your dreams a reality! This guy makes me so hopeful for my future.

  44. Dr. Espina, you are incredibly intelligent and insanely charismatic. I am very satisfied to find someone like you as I’ve changed several professions within the life time. And it is never too late for any life changing decision etc. once you are following your dream job. always craving for knowledge and achievements. That is the way it has to be.
    Regards, former aesthetic clinic owner, former medical devises engineer for med device company and nowadays clinical psychiatrist Dr. Eva S.
    Dr. Michal you are doing a very interesting vlog, please carry on and thank you very much! I have certainly a lot to learn from you, such as a poker face of yours while watching med series, I am getting too emotional..ending up almost yelling on screen 🙂 to be honest, way more than that, thank you very much, regards,

  45. Also had a clinical instructor who was both a lawyer and a doctor, and another who was a dentist and a medical doctor. The main thing these people have in common is the never ending desire to learn.

  46. Doctor and Engineer!??? GENIUS

    Debt is shameful! is a shameful system, which creates a circuit that only a few can access, rich and who is lucky enough to have a scholarship.

    One of the good things in my country is that the university is open to everyone, because tax money is used, and if you are poor you do not pay for university.

    So, if you can pass the selection tests, you can study as medic, ALL people be a doctor, ALL of them. The rich the poor everyone if they are able to do it.Because the doctor it's a matter of VOCATION, not how much your father earns.

    And studying, with a debt on my shoulders, I find it very bad.

  47. I have a professor right now that is a licensed professional engineer (PE), has a PhD in Transportation Engineering and also just finished med school. So i guess engineers and doctors do cross over more times than I thought.

  48. I love this video. I'll be starting medical school next year at 23 and I felt that I would be so far behind. Dr. Espina proved to me that it's never too late if you have the passion. Thank you.

  49. Oh, I get it. Luis' love for medicine actually springs from his being a compassionate person. He just love to demonstrate his care towards those who need medical care. I enjoy this episode as much as I enjoy the other episodes, too. Doctor Mike always shows off his "person-oriented" (not much theoretical) approach. Keep it up…

  50. I m 28 years old from Morocco, I m happy to watch this video between others … I just learnt a lot and that Men ,oh I mean really so inspirational . Thank you both

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