STAR Program Cancer Rehabilitation Services | Middlesex Hospital

(piano music) – [Michelle] My name is Michelle Mayer, I’m a physical therapist and currently I oversee our STAR program which is Survivorship Training and Rehab. The STAR program works
with cancer patients. The reason why somebody would need therapy after cancer treatment
depends on the side effects from the cancer treatment. So the basic way I can put it is they were a person that
did a lot of things before and they may be struggling now. So they may have trouble with memory. They may have trouble with their balance. They may have trouble with movement, and getting back to life
how they were living before because cancer treatments
can cause effects on people that can interrupt their daily life. I want to help make
things better for them, and that may be as simple as being able to reach into a cabinet to
get a cup out of the cabinet. It could be as simple as
walking down the street to the grocery store. It could be as much as
somebody who wants to run a marathon again. It all depends on what their goal is, what they were before and what they’re looking to do. MIddlesex Hospital is the only facility within our local area that
is STAR certified currently. So I feel like we are a step above and we have a little
further education to assist the patients in our community. We have a large group of staff that are passionate and interested
in helping these patients and so it’s not just therapy staff. We have nurses, we have lab
techs, we have radiology techs, we have nurse practitioners,
we have their nurse navigators. All sorts of different people
across a continuum understand that there’s something
we can do to help them. It’s a great niche of a
bunch of different people with different experiences
that can come together to make it the best
experience for the patient.

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