St. Marys Medical Center OB

I knew the award-winning team at St. Mary’s Medical Center had me and my baby covered. The birthplace suites, the staff— it was incredible! St. Marys will definitely hold a special place in our hearts… as the place where we got to see five sweet little faces for the first time. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I was born at St. Marys and so were all my children. She was my first baby And St. Marys was my first choice. My pregnancy was considered high-risk. I didn’t know what to expect. The level 3 NICU was a top priority. It’s the highest level of care in the state. Regardless of how your journey to motherhood unfolds St. Marys Medical Center delivers for you. Trust the award-wining maternity care that families have relied on for more than 3 generations.

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