St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital I Project For Awesome 2017

Welcome back! It’s that time of year again,
y’all. – Project for Awesome time.
– Yeah. Now you probably know, but, uh, Project for Awesome
is community driven
charity event put on by our friends,
John and Hank Green, basically people make
YouTube videos to show
support for their favorite charities. Then people vonate–
vonate– – vote for their favorite…
– Well, that’s kinda what
you do. On the website
and there’s a live
streaming event. We’ll get into all that,
but, um, uh, the first part
of this video is
to highlight, uh, our chosen charity. Yeah, we’re gonna participate
like we do every year, uh, and this year,
we’re doing one of our
favorite charities. – St. Jude Children’s
Research Hospital.
– Mm-hmm. Uh, we’re giving them
top aid in their efforts
to research, treat, and ultimately
defeat childhood
cancer and other life threatening
diseases, uh, and I’m gonna read
a little bit about St. Jude and why we like them so much. – Yeah.
– Um,their philosophy is that
no child is denied treatment
based on race, religion,
or a family’s ability to pay.
Families never receive
a bill from St. Jude
for treatment,
travel, housing, or food,because all the family
should worry about
in that situation – is helping their
child live.
– Exactly. Um, St. Jude has
treated children from
all 50 states from around the world.Their goal is 100% survival.Uh, the treatments
invented by St. Jude
have helped to push
the overall childhood cancer
survival rate
from 20% to more than 80%since they opened more
than 50 years ago. And you know,
as a parent. I mean, you start
to experience things
with your children that you can never
anticipate, like, any type
of boo boo. From the smallest age,
you want to do everything
you can… – Yeah.
– To help them, and, um, I mean, I know that
we both been through
things with our kids that are like,
okay, stop the presses… – Mm-hmm.
– I’ve got– we gotta
do everything we can for our kids and,
um, if you have cancer or if you have
a child who has cancer. I mean, it’s the type
of thing you don’t
wanna be thinking about can I afford this? – Right.
– You know? You don’t
want to have to filter everything through that. So that’s the great thing
about what St. Jude does that, uh, that is
extremely exciting. – And effective.
– Right. In terms of, uh,
the way they’re moving
the needle when it comes
to childhood cancer
and things like that so, um, it’s a tremendous
organization and you
can go to… – Right.
– …to donate. So, join us
in doing that. That’s step one.
The second thing, um,
we wanna move onto is, uh, send you over to
over to Projectforawesome.comUh, you can check out,
like I said, other people’s
you can vote for
your favorite charity,
you can make your own video,
– first of all,
– Mm-hmm. but, um, the– when you vote for your favorite
charities over there, the top 20 charities
voted for by the community, uh, will receive
a percentage of all
of the money raised through Project for Awesome over the course
of the live stream. – And last year–
– That could be a lot
of money. They raised $2,000,000.So that is a lot
of awesome that is happening.
So find this video
to vote for St. Jude as a part of
Project for Awesome as a part of their
live stream which starts
today, December 15th at noon and goes through
noon, eastern time this
coming Sunday. And of course
one of the parts
of Projects for Awesome is YouTubers like us,
uh, donate some things
that can be auctioned off – all for charity.
– Mm-hmm. And here’s what we’re
going to be donating, and that’s some signed
GMM posters, some signed GMM T-shirts, uh, three full sets
of the 21 set– – the 21 badge,
mythical badge set,
– Mm-hmm. that came out
with the book
of mythicality and possibly,
I can’t confirm it, it’s so limited
that I cannot confirm it. – I can’t even give you
any details,
– We are limited. There’s a very, very
limited edition item that may be
a part of it. Boy, isn’t that
tantalizing?So that’s going
to see the live stream
and the stuff that you
can bid on.
In summary, again,
the live stream is
starting at noon today, that’s where you can
see all of the stuff and get all of
the information. Donate to St. Jude
at, – org.
– Org. Post your own video
advocating your favorite
charity and us the hashtag:
#pfora2017, participate,
be your mythical best. Thank you for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. You know what
time it is. I’m Emily, I’m in Dubrovnik,
Croatia, and they’re filming
“Star Wars” behind me. And it’s time to spin
the wheel of mythicality. Click the bottom link
to watch this episode
from the beginning, And click the top
link to watch Rhett and I play
“Star Wars” Catch Phrase in “Good Mythical More.” And to find out
where the wheel of
mythicality is going to land.

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  1. I just went a voted. You don't have to fill out your email or give any personal information, so go vote y'all! Also, while you're there, consider giving to an awesome charity!

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  3. Thank you for being you. Thank you for participating. Thank you for being a part of the community. Thank you for caring and thank you for being human!!!

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  10. Just saying. That St Jude gets some pecentage of that money, you know that right? That's why the make you donate even for food for the families so they would get more dough

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