St. Joseph’s Hospital now offers trauma capable services

Carondelet st. Joseph’s Hospital will now offer trauma capable services news for Tucson Stephanie Weaver was at today’s grand opening with the latest the move to become trauma capable took nearly two years of planning and Tucson officials say this is important for the community trauma capabilities that st. Joseph’s Hospital will allow 24 hours of coverage for a number of different surgeries the hospital added two new trauma rooms emergency department renovations and related equipment and instruments this couldn’t even tell you you know the amount of work that goes into trying to do something of this magnitude but everyone’s really come together nicely to make today possible the hospital staff performed drills leading up to the opening which prepares them for every possible situation rural Metro Fire says anytime a hospital upgrades its services it’s a good thing for the community we are growing all the time especially with an influx of winter visitors coming so you know with the way Tucson is growing right now there will be a need for additional services st. Joseph’s Hospital says the Phoenix metro area has 11 trauma centers and in Tucson there is only one so the need for trauma capabilities is obvious statistics have shown that your survival rates are higher if you live close to a trauma center and we strive to be that for them future plans will include rip fixation surgery local and regional anesthesia and additional research from st. Joseph’s Hospital on the east side Stephanie Weaver news 4 Tucson

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