St. Joseph’s Hospital adds trauma services

southern Arizona hospital will soon offer trauma services in its emergency center used for Tucson so Leah Shahid has more on what it means for the community it’s new at six she was restrained passenger this is just a drill and it’s one of many designed to prepare the staff at Saint Joseph’s Hospital for every possible situation but we even run drills like we go to the operating room and the elevators not working what’s the alternative route to get them to the operating room maybe every possible drill you can imagine we’ve run it the hospital is getting ready to offer trauma capable services to its patients it provides a place that’s close that provides care for the most severely injured patients patients who sometimes are clinging to life after for example a bad car accident or being shot or assaulted or even falling as we quite often see the move to become trauma capable it took more than a year of planning and it means around-the-clock coverage from a number of surgical specialists for patients in the area if they get severely injured it means that we have the resources to take care of them and they don’t have to go outside of our area to get those resources data has shown that the closer you are to a trauma center or facility capable of providing these this level of care the greater your chance of survival and having a good outcome the trauma capable services will launch at Saint Joseph’s Hospital on November 1st Ilia Shahid news 4 Tucson

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