St. John’s Hospital

♪ St. John’s provides excellent medical care. The medical care here is second to none. My name’s Tammy and I’m going to be your nurse today. We’re taking care of you. The mission of this hospital is not only patient care but also the religious and spiritual needs of the patient. It is definitely challenging. No two days are the same, but usually you leave here with the sense of I did something good, I did something good for someone else. Olive, I’m going to go ahead and flush your Hep-Lock out here. We give great nursing care. We really do. We just go all out for our patients, we’re advocates for our patients and I think the care is great and that’s why people keep coming back to St. John’s. I like that, I like that closeness, but yet I walk into this hospital and there’s nothing those big city hospitals can offer that we don’t have here because we have everything here. No doubt St. John’s is one of the best in the area. The Prairie Heart Institute, their orthopedic department, the advances they’ve made with strokes, the neonatal unit. I love it. It’s a large medical community in a small town environment. There’s a tremendous communication among the physicians and the nurses, and an idea that we’re working together to save lives. We continue to grow and have the latest equipment. In spite of that we still have that caring touch. I can walk through the hallway, and you know people. It is like part of your family and I never thought I’d say that, but it is, it’s like my family. I made my closest friends here as a new nurse. I didn’t know anybody when I started here and now my best friend is somebody I started working with. I worked here 20 years ago and some of the same nurses that I started out with after nursing school are still here and we still call each other by name and there are just a lot of good people that work here. We care about our patients, we care about people, and it’s because of our belief in God. It’s the holistic concerns about the patients, not only their medical needs, their family needs but also their spiritual needs, that I think sets St. John’s apart. We will offer you the latest technology. We will also offer that with a caring touch, with a personal touch. That’s what I think you can get at St. John’s. St. John’s is one of the best places to be employed and I’m proud of working here. I graduated from school here and I’m just glad to be a part of it.

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