St. David’s Rehabilitation Hospital – Video Tour

– [Doctor] Great. Come on this way and
we’ll get you all settled. – [Narrator] Your journey to healing begins at St. David’s
Rehabilitation Hospital at St. David’s Medical Center. – One of the things that I
appreciate most about St. David’s is the interconnection that I have between the hospital and the rehab. It allows me to get
patients seamlessly moved to rehab a few days earlier than I might, if they were going to an outside facility. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] When you first arrive at St. David’s Rehabilitation Hospital, you will be shown to a private room, beautifully outfitted to meet any need. Next, a therapy program will be developed especially for you. That might include exercise in
the warm water therapy pool, mobility training on the LiteGait
body weight support system or neuromuscular retraining
with biofeedback equipment. – Push, push, push, push. Keep it there. Beautiful. Beautiful. – [Narrator] We even
throw in a little fun. – There you go. Between physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy, we have a holistic approach
of treating someone to learn their daily life skills again. – [Narrator] We want you to
get back on the road again, which is why we provide
a specially designed adaptive driving van to help you remaster this important skill. – And that’s what rehab is all about. It’s helping people work
through their disabilities and get more and more
function back all the time. – [Narrator] No matter
what your challenges are, be it MS, stroke, even
spinal chord injury, St. David’s Rehabilitation Hospital can help you get your life back. – Good job. – [Narrator] Let your journey
to healing begin with us.

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