(bright piano music) – [Narrator] She’s a grandmother,
a mother, a daughter. She’s a sister, an aunt, a friend. She is the reason for Women’s Services at St. David’s Medical Center. Since 1924, the committed
physicians and staff of Women’s Services at
St. David’s Medical Center have provided superior care
to the women of Austin, Texas. – Without a doubt, we’ve got
the best team possible here, all geared to do one thing. And that’s to take great care of patients. – We have a very, very,
passionate group of health professionals working together. – [Narrator] And this
passionate and experienced team is here for women at all stages of life. (upbeat music) When she’s pregnant, St.
David’s is second to none. Since 1924, they have
delivered over 213,000 babies. – Just the other day I was
taking care of a patient, and her mother told me
that she was born here. And she had her daughter here, and her daughter was having her baby here. – [Narrator] Along with the
latest in medical technology, St. David’s 22 labor and delivery rooms, and 63 postpartum beds, all
deliver home-like touches. There’s even a few VIP suites for those who desire
more comforts of home. But the true comfort comes from knowing experienced
physicians, obstetricians and maternal fetal medicine
specialists are here 24/7. – The depth and breadth of the services at St. David’s Medical Center. I’ve got the best expert on Earth right at the tip of my fingers. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] And if she
is at risk or in a hurry, St. David’s Women’s Services is at the forefront of
maternal and NICU transport. – We have neonatal
resuscitation certification, advanced cardiac life
support certification, we are all ultrasound certified
in limited ultrasound. – [Narrator] A Starflight
helicopter allows the transport team to reach Austin’s outlying communities fast. Those closer in can arrive by ambulance, but, either way, Women’s
Services at St. David’s sends its own highly trained
and experienced nurses. – Our nurses function at a very high level. I tell my peers sometimes, it’s like having resident
physicians working with me. (bright music) – [Narrator] If she’s early, she knows her baby can get to
St. David’s NICU in a hurry. – We are a level 3 NICU, which means we take care of babies
that are 23 weeks to term. – [Narrator] The NICU at
St. David’s Medical Center is the largest in south central Texas. Beyond the expertise and
cutting-edge medical care, it’s the people that have made
it a world-class facility. – Our staff and our
physicians have such a passion for being here, and such
a passion for our babies that we take care of every chance we get. Try to spoil them rotten
before they do go home. – [Narrator] And when
those babies and families get to go home, they go home prepared. The NICU has several
rooms for parents to stay with their children overnight. – The nurse is very close by. She’s actually still in the unit. But it’s a great way to be able to give the parents the independence, but still have the backup. That way they can go home and feel comfortable about going home. – [Narrator] Another comfort
to NICU patients at St. David’s is an in-house pharmacy for immediate delivery of medication. (low piano music) Also in house when she’s nursing
are lactation consultants. – We just try to do everything possible to help that mom and baby breastfeed. – [Narrator] And a nursing store. – Our mother and child
connection store is unique, because it was something
that our moms had asked for. And for years and years, they would say, “Bernadette, where can
I buy a nursing bra?” “How am I going to rent a breast pump?” And the dads would look at us and they, “Oh, please don’t send me out for it!” The moms love it. They come in and they
shop in their pajamas, then the dads are so relieved
because they just pay. (low piano music) – [Narrator] And finally,
because she is conscientious, Women’s Services at St.
David’s Medical Center boasts a world class Breast Center. – We’re very high-tech. We stay cutting-edge. But we keep it high-touch, also. – [Narrator] High-tech for being the first in Austin to employ digital mammography, for using more comfortable
mammopads for breast screening, and for employing
stereotactic breast biopsy, a minimally invasive procedure. High-touch for using nurse
navigators to guide the patients through the continuum
of breast cancer care, and for having an on-site
breast cancer resource center staffed with volunteers. All of the volunteers, the physicians, and staff of Women’s Services
at St. David’s Medical Center have a passion for what they do. – Every single day, we come
to St. David’s Medical Center because we love what we do. – [Narrator] A passion
for who they work with. – Can’t imagine working anywhere else. I feel like no matter
what, they’ve got my back. I feel like if I have to fly
on a trapeze, they’re my net. – [Narrator] And a passion
for their patients. – Here at St. David’s,
the moment the patient walks through the door, they
are greeted with smiling faces, confident faces, and
excellent team of staff that will take care of them. And they can feel that. – Every single day, we
give a piece of our heart to the babies we take care of, and the families that we take care of. – [Narrator] She wants
the best in medical care, and she’s at the right place: Women’s Services at St.
David’s Medical Center, relied on by the women of
Austin for over 84 years.

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