St. Clair Hospital and Mayo Clinic. Working Together. For a Healthier You.

St. Clair hospital is among the nation’s leaders
in high quality, high value health care. Our unwavering commitment to serving the region
has driven us to excellence. Today, we take another major step forward. We are proud to announce that St. Clair is
now the newest member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network. This clinical collaboration with Mayo — unique
in Western Pennsylvania — is rooted in our common philosophy. It will provide our physicians the expertise
of Mayo Clinic to assist them as they treat challenging medical cases. At no additional cost to our patients. Before Mayo invites an organization to join
the network, we conduct a thorough evaluation — we look for similar values; we review
quality, safety and service efforts; and we examine clinical and business practices. We are looking for high quality organizations
that share our commitment to putting the needs of the patient first. We applaud St. Clair’s consistent — and
recognized — excellence in all of these areas, and welcome the hospital as a member
of the network. Our goal is to share medical knowledge and
— through sharing — benefit more people. We know St. Clair hospital will help us achieve
that goal. With the latest medical knowledge and best
practices right at our fingertips, St. Clair is poised to provide extraordinary care to
every patient we serve. St. Clair Hospital and Mayo Clinic. Working together. For a healthier you.

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