Sreenath Kodali, MD – Hematologist-Oncologist in Ames, Iowa | McFarland Clinic

Hi, I’m Sreenath Kodali. I am board certified
in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases. I joined McFarland Clinic Hematology-
Oncology Department in 2019. I work at the William Bliss Cancer Center
and also at the Marshalltown location. Hematology-Oncology involves treating
patients with different types of solid cancers as well as blood disorders,
which can range from benign anemia to a malignant leukemia. While managing patients with different
cancers, me and my colleagues as medical oncologists play a central role in
planning and coordinating care in a multidisciplinary fashion, which actually
involves referring to and interacting with radiologists, radiation oncologists,
surgical oncologists, physical therapists, nurses, and nutritional experts. Your typical first visit with me consists of
a thorough physical exam and a history taking, which
not only includes your personal history, but also your family and social history. And ordering appropriate diagnostic tests
and making the right referrals for you to go and see
the other physicians. Once a diagnosis of cancer is
established, your visit will usually revolve around discussions about the treatment
options that are available. What is the natural course
of the disease? What is the prognosis? What are the side effects you expect from
these treatments? All of this is done way you can easily
understand the disease, and you’ll be given an adequate amount
of time to ask any questions you have. As hematologists and oncologists,
we deal with the patients their families during the most stressful period
of their life. The most rewarding part of my job is to tell a patient that your cancer
is cured or tell them that the treatment options they have are going to significantly prolong
your life, and also help the families during these difficult times and build
relationships with these families. That, I feel, is the most rewarding part of my job. I believe Extraordinary Care means being
always available for my patient, showing the right amount of compassion,
and building relationships.

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