Spring, Texas Gastroenterologist Dr. Neel Choksi

(upbeat music) – I particularly enjoy
the challenging cases, the tough procedures. Solving the difficult cases
and hopefully in the process making a difference in someone’s life. I wanted an opportunity
to serve the community. I wanted to have world class
colleagues surrounding me, people to bounce things off of. I wanted to be able to
participate in medical research. I wanted to teach medical
students and residents. I’m also a native Houstonian
and just the thought of coming back to
Houston, the city I love, coming back home, was icing on the cake. Excellent medical care really
requires active participation from every member of the team, the specialists, the medical
assistants, the nurses, the primary care physicians,
and especially, the patient. Open collaboration, communication between all these individual units I think, should be the cornerstone of
high quality medical care. Serving my patients is one
of the most satisfying things about being a doctor. If my family members were sick, I would bring them to Kelsey. And I don’t thing that
there’s a higher endorsement I can give.

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  1. Hello ! May you please help me ? I am a freshman who wants to be ready and not start off late but I need to understand the ways to get into gastroenterology. Is there anyway someone can point a path for me? You may change my life:)

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