Spotlight on Northwest Medical Center – Hospital of the Future

– When you step through the doors of Northwest Medical Center, you’re stepping into the
future of healthcare. Where technology connects you to your caregiver, – And your caregiver to
the hospital network. With our high tech platform, clinicians are more efficient, processes are improved, and patients receive
the best quality care. – Our mobile clinical communicators bring patient information into the palm of your clinician’s hand. So that your needs are met quickly. And with ViSi mobile wireless vital signs monitoring, patients can rest easy knowing that their vitals are being assessed 24/7. – Creating a healing environment is our top priority. MyCare Electronic Whiteboards keep you up to date on your treatment plan, even the name of your caregiver. And with our patient smart bands, doctors can quickly access
your information and track your progress through the ER. Streamlining processes so that you receive the best care possible. At Northwest Medical Center our technology is here to help you. This is the hospital of the future, and this is where you wanna be.

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