Sports Rehabilitation BSc (Hons) and Integrated Masters

The BSc (Hons) course, is a 3 year course,
it lays the foundation which then can be taken on into the Integrated Masters later onto
a fourth year, so these first three years give you all the fundamentals you need to
work as a sports rehabilitator, this can be either in the sports field or in general population,
private practice. We start with all the fundamentals, anatomy assessment, we start working on the
treatment skills and then we get you out into placement as soon as possible so you can start
getting hands on practicing and improving your skills. We also include gym based stuff,
so lots of exercises in the gym, working on programmes as well as massage and hands on
treatment in assessment as well. In the fourth year you take this further and do your advanced
clinical skills and you also go on and do your dissertation as well. Some of the key benefits of this course are
that our students are eligible to be on the Register of Exercise Professionals that’s
REPS, they will qualify in sports massage which allows them to become members of the
Sports Massage Association, most importantly we’re accredited by BASRAT which is the
British Association of Sport Rehabilitators and Trainers and lastly they get to do the
immediate care in sport certificate, Level 2 with the RFU that goes with this course
which allows them to practice pitch side as first point of call practitioners. Students should choose LSBU because we’re
a very exciting place to study right in the centre of London, we’ve got fabulous facilities;
our academy of sport, our clinical skills labs. Because we’re in London we’ve got
huge opportunities for a wide variety of placements with sports teams and clinics and so forth. So the career prospects for graduates of this
course are quite wide ranging, which is good. You can go anywhere from the clinical side
of it through to the pitch side, working with sports teams and sports clubs actually sort
of boots on the ground type stuff and you can go into the gym environment working on
gym based rehab. A lot of graduates go on to work in sports teams and they work in the
sporting environment quite often you’ll be working with other practitioners such as strength
and conditioning coach, physiotherapists, doctors, which is very good because you’re
always advancing your knowledge working with other people and generally come out pretty
well rounded. Previous experience of sports rehabilitation graduates, they can work both
at amateur level, elite level and also internationally so actually there no real limit to where you
can take this, which is good.

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