Sports Rehabilitation at UW Health at The American Center

>>[Background Music] I think the new facility at the American Center provides
some great opportunities for our therapists and our patients. It provides more space that we’ve ever had. And so when you’re returning an athlete to a
sport, you want to make sure that they can move at the speeds, change direction, cut, start,
stop, in the same amount of space and movement that they’re going to have with
whatever sport they’re returning to. So, in a traditional medical facility, if
you’re having that person run down the hallway on carpet, it doesn’t really provide the
same environment that they’re going to have to be safe in, confident in, and perform
in when they go back to their sport. So, here. Good. Through. If I’m working with a basketball player, I’m going to have them moving
on the basketball court. If I’m working with a soccer player or
a lacrosse player or football player, we can use the indoor turf field,
we can use the outdoor turf field. But we’re going to see how
they move on that turf. They’re going to develop the confidence that
they can move, and they’re going to return to their sport more safely and
being able to perform better.>>Good.>>We also have a pool here, which
we’ll have underwater, overwater camera. We have a sprint track. We even have outdoor facilities that include
a sand pit and an outdoor turf field. And a hill. So, we can change if they’re accelerating
or decelerating on an outdoor surface. [ Music ]

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