Sports Medicine – Non sports related injury 3 – Penn State Health

I mean just because it’s activity
related in and of itself, that makes you a candidate for you know an examination.
You know this is activity related, I’m gonna call it sports medicine. First
thing I’m gonna want to do is get you in and get a look at your knee. How did you
do the injury? Did you twist it? Was a more of a sprain that’s bothering you
you? Could have done like Lana. I mean, even though you may not have been an
athlete, you can also get have a problem with your ACL you know we need to look
at that. The other thing I’ll also tell, I teach at the residency program and I’m
always bugging the residents, did you check the feet? Because flat feet can
lead to a lot alignment problems that can cause trouble in the legs. As you get
older, it could be more breakdown on the cartilage, arthritis, you need to look
into that. So, first step is get in get it looked at and let’s see where we go from

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