Sports Medicine Doctor – Dr. David Krey

I chose sports medicine because it combines
my two passions in life, one being sports and the other being medicine. The most rewarding
aspect for me in sports medicine is, one, being a family medicine doctor and being a
sports medicine doctor is working with patients of all ages and working with them to get them
better, get them back to doing the things they want to do, whether it’s getting them
back to sports or whether it’s somebody who just needs to get feeling better, so they
can go for a walk every day. One challenging aspect of sports medicine
would be…being an athlete myself, the one thing you want to do is get back to sport
and activity as fast as possible. One challenging thing, but also rewarding, is working with
patients in individualizing treatment to get them better fast but also getting them back
safely and also working on that preventative aspect to prevent injury in the future. At Sauk Prairie Healthcare, because it’s home
for me, I’m back in a community and back in the area that has given so much to me. Growing
up in this community, I actually did suffer injury. I broke my leg in high school, and
Sauk Prairie Healthcare is where I went, and I worked with the orthopedic surgeons there
and had surgery, had a great experience. And that’s one of those things that I think got
me on the road and on my path and eventually brought me home.

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