Sports Injury Rehabilitation by PT and OT Team

hi I’m Hima Dalal from Vital Energy Wellness and
Rehab Center, founder of vital energy integrated therapy center. Today we have
Sena with us, who is a runner and has suffered with a chronic pain for
last five years and she’s going to share her story along with Sherman, who is our
physical therapist. Together we did the teamwork with the treatment. So I came to
Vital Energy back in January and I’ve been dealing with chronic pain in my
knees for the last five years or so running and not listening to my body
when it told me to stop and i also had a herniated disc in my lower back and so I
was pretty much in mobile for all intents and purposes and so I came to
Vital Energy and Hima started with crystal therapy on my back at first and
then also my knees because i had a lot of scar tissue built up and that was
impacting my ability to rehab and get back to doing what I love. And umm…you got
rid of the pain by using crystal myofascial release joint umm..alignment techniques
and umm.. to go on but we got you to the point where we were ready for physical therapy
to get back to your sports and that’s where Sherman came in and he can tell
his share. yeah so I seen Sena after Mrs. Hima seen her. Both were
lower back treatment as well as as knee treatment for patellofemoral pain
syndrome basically assessing I found that she did have a disherniation from
before, which we treated with a new treatment which was a intramuscular
therapy which is also known as dry-needling. We addressed that as well as addressing all our
myofascial restrictions and knee and hip release those things with the dry needling as well.
After releasing those things and following up with stretching, and warm-ups, we
also went into a more sport-related rehab. strengthening her quads up and her leg in a
single like fashion is basically increasing traction around her left lower
extremity and we found some great success which she’s now able to return to
a more athletic regimen going back to the gym working out independently without
much difficulty. Tell me how Vital Energy’s occupational, physical therapy approach
was different then I’m sure you had previous threapy in the last five years to get
better. Right so it was really a combined effort i think that’s what makes vital
energy so different is that you’re working with occupational therapy and
physical therapy and they’re treating the entire person they’re not just
treating knee pain or back pain because in my situation mine were kind of working
against each other and i would get a little bit better in one and then the
other one would get worse and so we have to really take a whole body approach and
I think that’s really what sets Vital Energy apart. And I would say the
emotion release of the pain that we achieved with the
crystal myofscial release was a benchmark to go to the next step. Right
absolutely. yeah I found myself before coming here uh…
crying a lot because of the pain and I just couldn’t do anything to make it go away.
i couldn’t ice it or heat it, and I just felt really helpless when i first started and
now i’m happy to say that after this interview i’m going to gym. And uh..I think your dream of teaching the girls on the run, right? yeah i’ve been involved with girls on
the run for 4 or 5 years and in the spring i should be coaching if all goes as
planned, I should be ready to go by then and yeah we’ll run a 5k in May after
the program and it will be really fun thank you Sena. Good luck with your leg!

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