Spooky happenings at the old Searcy Mental Hospital

BELIEVED TO BE SOME OF THE MOST HAUNTED ON THE GULF COAST, AND SHARING WHAT WE FIND TODAY IN OUR NEWSCASTS, LETTING YOU BE THE JUDGE– IS IT HAUNTED? THE FORMER SEARCY PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL HAS BEEN A PART OF MOBILE COUNTY…. ALABAMA…. AND U.S. HISTORY FOR ALMOST 190 YEARS. BUT NOW….. IT’S AN ABANDONED “GHOST TOWN”….. THAT MIGHT BE HOME TO A FEW “GHOSTS.”… –PKG– PETER: Some of the structures are nearly 200 years old. The place has been home to soldiers, prisoners, and Some of the structures are nearly 200 years old. The place has been home to soldiers, prisoners, and as they were called at one time, the “insane.” There’s been a lot of suffering here Stonecypher It’s a spooky place, in a lot of ways Towers.. One time barracks. abandoned medical facilities…. Decades of neglect.. Buildings in disarray – the complex abandoned by the state when it closed the Searcy Hospital in 2012. But are there still “residents” “living” here? SUPER: Tommy Stonecypher/Mt. Vernon Historical Society Stonecypher I’m sure if there’s such a thing as paranormal activity, there’s a lot of it around here. Tommy Stonecypher of the Mt. Vernon Historical Society has heard the stories. of people over the years seeing and photographing images Stonecypher In one of the windows, there’s an apparition, or image of someone in the window. Supposedly there’s nothing behind the window to cause a reflection. There’s nothing in the room causing it. Ten years later, someone else posted another photograph of that same building, and in that same window, that same image appeared But the rumors of Searcy possibly being haunted aren’t enough to scare off some people Stonecypher We’ve had people walk up before there and said they are ‘coming home.” They were former mental patients here, just walk up. COMING UP IN ABOUT 45 MINUTES FROM NOW, ON NEWS 5 AT 10, WE’LL TAKE YOU TO WHAT COULD BE CONSIDERED “THE” MOST HAUNTED PLACE– BARTON ACADEMY. AND IN THE COMING WEEKS….

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