Spoken English Lesson – Different types of doctors. (Learn English Vocabulary)

Hi My name is Niharika and welcome back Well, when you have health issues the first thing that you do is go see a doctor.
But what kind of doctor would you go see if you spot red rashes on your skin? Or if you
have a broken leg what kind of doctor would you go see?
So in this lesson today we are gonna look at types of doctors? Now there are different
types of doctors who are specialized in different areas. So that’s what we are gonna learn. The types of doctors and how to correctly pronounce them. SO let’s get started
The first one that I have for you is a General Practitioner
Now who is a General Practitioner? If you have any health issues the very common
ones, like sore throat or you just having a bad stomach ache then you go see your family
doctor. So another term for General Practitioner is your family doctor.
AM I right? So nay common health issues ,like I said may be a runny nose, may be a bad headache
or stomach ache then you go see a general practitioner.
Now the next one that I have over here is a Dermatologist . So who is a Dermatologist?
The Doctor who treats skin related issues ,hair related issues and as well as nails.
So it’s skin, hair and nails. So as I mentioned before that if you spot these awful red rashes
on your body, the first this you will do is rush to a Dermatologist. Do that! Dermatologist
is the doctor who treats skin, hair and nail issues.
The next one that I have for you is a Dentist. Now who’s a Dentist? You like going to a dentist?
Well, I don’t ,I am scared. Because Dentists are the Doctors who work on human mouth. Now
they treat your teeth and any gum related issues. And in fact it is said that it is
important for every human being to visit a Dentist at-least twice a year for good oral
health. So do you do that? Well, I don’t ,I think I should do that as well.
SO Dentist is a Doctor who treats teeth and gum related issues. The next one that I have for you is a Cardiologist.
So who’s a Cardiologist? A Cardiologist is a heart doctor
So if you have any cardiovascular diseases you are gonna rush to a Cardiologist. Now
unfortunately cannot fix your broken heart. And what’s a broken heart? When you are upset
or you are really sad because you broke up with your girl friend or your boy friend then
you end up having a broken heart. So unfortunately cardiologists cannot fix that, but yes, any
cardiovascular diseases, Cardiologist is the doctor that you gotta go see.
The next one that I have for you is a Gynecologist and who is a Gynecologist? Well, a Doctor
who works on female reproductive organs or female reproductive system. So all the pregnant
women, they first go see a Gynac. Gynac is a shot term used for a Gynecologist.
But the person who performs surgeries, the Doctor who performs surgeries like the C-
sec the caesarean or removal of Ovarian tumours then you go see an Obstetrician. SO , Obstetrician
is the one who performs surgeries in the Gynecologist area. So basically they perform C- secs or
any tumor that has to be removed out of a female reproductive system. So Gynac is the
main doctor however the person or the doctor who performs the surgery is called as an Obstetrician. The next one that I have for you is an Optometrist.
Who is an Optometrist? DO you have any issues with your vision? Or any eye related issues?
Well, the right Doctor that you need to go see is an Optometrist. Now Optometrist is
an Eye Doctor. So any issues with your vision or may be an
infection in your eyes or anything related to your eyes, go see an Optometrist.
The next one I have for you is an Orthopedic Surgeon. Who is an Orthopedic Surgeon. The
first person or the first doctor that you gotta go see if you meet with an accident.
Yes, because an Orthopedic Surgeon deals with the skeletal system. Any broken leg or broken
bones or anything wrong with your skeletal system an Orthopedic Surgeon will fix it for
you. So you can say,bones Doctor. It just to explain you that who is an Orthopedic
Surgeon. Or even if you have any knee related issues
especially when people get old they have a lot of trouble with their knees ot their hands
or even arthritis ,so all these things are taken care by an Orthopedic surgeon. The next one that I have for you is an Pediatrician.
Now Pediatrician is a Doctor who deals with variety of health issues with infants, kids
and teenagers. If you have ever visited a Pediatrician, their clinic or the area that
they sit in the hospital, its always very colorful and very kids friendly environment.
So, they are the Doctors who deal with infants, children/ kids and teenagers Now let’s have a look at another Doctor that’s
Urologist. An Urologist is a Doctor who deals with any urinary infections or any urinary
issues. Also Urologist takes care of male reproductive system or male reproductive organs.
Usually people get confused, people think, especially men, if they have any issues with
their reproductive organs then they have to see a gynac but no you have to go see a Urologist.
So any issues with your Urinary Tract or any issues with male reproductive system then
you see a Urologist. And the last one that I have for you is an
Neurologist. A Neurologist is a Doctor who deals with Human Brain and the Doctor who
performs surgery on a human brain is called as Neurosurgeon. So Neurologist is a Doctor
who deals with Human Brain any nerve related issues you go see a Neurologist and if there
is some issue and probably you have to go under a needle, you have to go for a surgery
then you go see a Neurosurgeon. So these are the types of Doctors we have
here. Now there are end number of Doctors in this world but I have just taken the most
common ones and probably we can also go ahead and take a test ,where you will have questions
and you can answer, what Doctor you will see for some specific issues you are having. So
answer that , tell me how much did you score and I will be back with a new lesson till
then you take care

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