Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation & Recovery: A Range of Therapies

Therapist: Good. Breathe. Aid: Good so we are going to try to do the same thing. Therapist: Same thing, yep.
First let’s just start with finding your center. Okay, tighten the core here and here. Aid: Two, three, four, five, six, seven. Therapist: There you go. Aid: Eight, you got it, nine, last one, ten. Therapist: Good. You’re gonna do both crutches,
left right, both crutches, left right, okay? Left, right,
crutch, left, right, crutch, left, right good. Good squeeze and scoop the hips
underneath you. Good. Little wider with the crutches. There you go good. Good. Bring the hip back ooooh, nice. Aid: I want to take this crutch down a little bit. Therapist: Good Aid, What was that, seven? Therapist: Good stand up nice and tall good, good. Deep breath in, good. Therapist: Starting treadmill
in three, two, one. You’re at a minute-and-a-half, 55 percent
bodyweight support, speed 1.6. Shift to the right, left leg up,
squeeze here, body nice and strong and tall. Hold it.
shift right, left foot down, good even weight. Shift left squeeze that left knee
left, hip right up, hold it. Left hip strong. Right foot down good.
Squat down, come forward, all the way up and down, good. Hips forward and step, hips
forward step, good. Breathing heavy. Therapist: Quick feet, quick feet. And rest. And rest, good. Push, push. Good, lock out that left knee. Good, squeeze the hips, bring them up higher.
There you go, and rest good. What was quads? Okay so for this one everything’s going
to kind of start contracting together. You’re going to try to squeeze your
glutes, lift them up, and just translating your knees forward, okay? We’re going to
do a set of ten. Devon: A set of ten. Therapist: Ready go. So up, squeeze, nice
hold it and down slow. Devon: Its a long time to hold it. Therapist: Gonna make a little faster
okay? Laughter. It’s all about the control and the endurance of these
muscles. Up squeeze, squeeze, lift them up as high as you can, good a little longer,
and down controlling on the way down. Good curl up, good and down, that’s the
pattern, okay. Curl up good and down. Up, and down rest.

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