Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation | Occupational Therapy Month

Hi, my name is Katy. I work at Ballard Rehabilitation Hospital. I work here as an Occupational Therapist,
and today I’ll be talking about things we do with spinal cord injury patients that come
through our doors. Here, the first second your family or loved
one comes through these doors we put them into a very specific team, a rehab team, and
we have specific occupational and physical therapists, and sometimes speech therapy,
if needed, for traumatic spinal cord injuries. We put them into specific teams that we can
really focus on their care and have consistency of care. For physical therapy they focus more on mobility,
that they can go from one place to another, whether that’s walking or transferring into
different areas of their lives. For Occupational Therapy, we focus on activities
of daily living, which means that we focus on all the activites that a person needs to
or wants to do throughout their lives. For here, we focus specifically on self-care
activities such as bathing, upper and lower body dressing, toileting, making sure they
can do all those things independently before they come home. If not, we provide very extensive family education
and care. We have a spinal cord injury binder and lots
of education that talks about specific things to that injury. We provide training for car transfers and
transfers to the bathroom, anything comlicated like that. We make sure that they’re safe with your loved
ones when they get home. For Occupational Therapy we also focus on
the activities that motivate and are important in their lives, whether that’s housekeeping,
we have a kitchen here where we can simulate cooking or caring for their families. We also focus on their mental and emotional
needs, as well, with our psychologist that comes in here several times a week to make
sure that all of those needs are being met. Sometimes it can be a very traumatic injury
that affects them. We also match each patient up with a peer
vistor, too, if they’d like that. They get to be matched up with someone in
their age group or with a similar injury that way they could connect with a larger group
of people once they leave the hospital, to be able to connect with each other in that
way. We also provide the education binder and lots
of education, and different treatments specifically for that type of injury. That’s what we offer here at Ballard Rehab.

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