Spinal Cord Injury: Rehabilitation and Therapy

(serene music) – My name is Rinda Gray-Astley and I’m the Recreational Therapist at the West Florida
Rehabilitation Institute. I’d like to introduce you to
our spinal cord injury program. West Florida Rehabilitation Institute has a comprehensive spinal cord
injury program designed to maximize the patient
and family’s recovery and adjustment to spinal cord injury. An interdisciplinary team develops an individualized rehabilitation plan with input from the patient and family. This team of experts consists of the rehabilitation
physician, rehab nurses, the case manager, physical,
occupational, speech, and recreational therapist, in addition to a psychologist and others indicated
by the patient’s needs. Therapy is provided to increase function and independence in mobility,
hygiene, communication, feeding and swallowing,
dressing, grooming, bowel and bladder management, skin care, homemaking skills, problem
solving, and community reentry. In the past two years, we here at the West Florida Rehab have treated over 100 individuals
with spinal cord injury and we have been able to discharge at least 70% of those
individuals back home. Our goal here at the West
Florida Rehabilitation Institute is to send our patients
home as soon as possible and as independently as possible. (serene music)

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