Spinal Cord Injury Myths | Northern Utah Rehabilitation Hospital

Myth: Many people believe sports injuries
are the #1 cause of spinal cord injury. Fact: It’s only 6%. Many people believe that women are the leading
cause of car accidents. Fact: most spinal cord injuries are caused
by vehicle accidents, and most vehicle accidents are caused by distracted driving. Fact: People with spinal cord injury are super-human. They triumph over adversity and are an example
to others of patience and courage. Here at Northern Utah Rehab Hospital, we believe in miracles, and help everyone to achieve their fullest potential. Myth: Many people believe that after a spinal
cord injury your life will never return to normal. Fact: Life may be different, but 81% of people
with spinal cord injuries are still married, 58% are still employed, and having children is still possible.

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