Spinal Cord Injuries | Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital

Hello. My name is Albert Nevarez, and I’m the Business Development Liaison
at Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital here in El Paso, Texas, part of the Vibra
Healthcare system. And I’m here to bring awareness and information on an injury that affects almost half a million people in the United States, and that’s spinal cord injuries. There’s around 12,000 new spinal cord injuries
that happen annually and come in two different forms, which are fractures and dislocations. A fracture is whenever there’s a break in
the vertebrae, and a dislocation is whenever the vertebrae does not align correctly. An example of a fracture is a compression
fracture. A compression fracture happens whenever the
spinal column is forced forward and downward, and are commonly found in motor vehicle accidents. A dislocation happens whenever the ligament
tears, or is stretched really badly in an injury. These may require a brace or surgery. These types of injuries affect patients in
their every day life, such as eating, breathing, walking, so it’s a very serious, significant
injury that happens. So if you know of any family members or loved
ones that may require any rehabilitation, we are more than happy to help them here at
Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital. Thank you.

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