Speed Golf with Lexi Thompson!

OK, real treat — Jon here today with
Lexi Thompson… So current World No. 2 …Lexi, you’re here for the First
Tee of Green Valley Ranch and you did a clinic today… What was your message to the girls? — I’m basically just telling them that I’m following my dreams and doing something I love, and that’s what I want to show to kids in general… …boys and girls. But to see that many girls out there for that clinic, and to hear all their questions, and just see how excited they are… It’s an honor for me to be here. — You know, and it’s almost like they have so much passion… Do you feel like you had the same passion at that age as you do now? — Yeah, I mean when I was little it was a totally different game. I was very aggressive, didn’t really care
where I hit it – I just got up to it and whacked it. So, yeah, like I said it’s great
to see the excitement on their faces, and just the true love for the game that
they have. And it inspires me to be like that again, and I just love being out there and being a role model to them. — That’s great… OK, so you’ve begrudgingly agreed to this… We’re going to play 9 holes of
Speed Golf with Lexi Thompson. OK, are you ready? Hole No. 1… — I’m ready. — At what age did you know you wanted to play the LPGA? — 12. — What’s the strongest part of your game? — My driver/ball striking. — Favorite tour stop? — Mission Hills, where we have the ANA Inspiration. — What would be one tournament that you
haven’t won that you are just dying to? — Would have to be the U.S. Women’s Open Championship for sure. — Very nice… OK, putting you on the spot… Who is the best golfer in your family? Oh, I would definitely have to say my middle brother Curtis, has the most talent out of us all for sure. — That’s a good golfing
family. — Yes, definitely. — So who would your golfing idol be? — My golfing idol would have to be… probably my biggest role model is Nancy Lopez. I’ve always looked up to her and just how she is off the golf course as well as a person. — What’s the thing, that one thing, that you like most about your job? — I would say just traveling… I’ve always loved traveling since I was
little, and getting to see all these amazing places all around the world. — Yes or no… you’ve already done it in the Franklin Templeton Shootout… If you were given the opportunity to play a PGA Tour event, would you do it? — I would… if my brothers were playing in it as well. — OK, nice, good answer. Alright, Hole No. 9 – and, again, I’m putting you on the spot. — You seem to be doing that quite often. — I know, I know, that’s Speed Golf, right? — That’s Speed Golf. — OK, your Solheim Cup prediction… What’s the final score going to be? — That’s a tough question. I
mean, hopefully USA is up, but I can’t tell you what a score would be… Hopefully USA wins, but it’ll be a tough match so it’ll be exciting. — That’s good, good enough for me. That’s Speed Golf with Lexi Thompson, I appreciate it! — Thank you. Swing Better. Play Better. GOLFTEC.

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