Special Olympics clinic

We put on like an hour and a half clinic with
the Special Olympics team and we usually do games and drills, and we teach them individual
skills at the stations, and then we we do scrimmages at the end, which is their favorite part. I think that’s one of my favorite things about
an athlete is being more than an athlete and being able to do other things, so I love doing
this clinic ’cause I get to meet some people from the Geneva community, and it’s so nice
’cause I get to them play and then I get to see them outside and I get to have those conversations
with them, and we get to share that love with each other. You just feel good and you feel happy, you
feel happy to be involved and I think while it’s good for us to help out like with the
Special Olympics, as much as we help them and like it’s– like we get just as much in
return just by being a part of something like this. It’s new, at least for me, this is my second
year doing this and I hadn’t had any prior experience with the Special Olympics before
then, so leaving after that you just kinda feel like more complete and a little more, you know,
happy after you leave. So, we were playing a little bit and I scored
on him and we were going back, I had the ball and I went to go take the ball in for a lay-up
and I tripped over my own feet and everyone in the gym at this point was watching me and
everyone just started dying laughing and I literally was just like on the ground, I couldn’t
get up because I was just a mixture of embarrassed that I tripped over my own feet and just like
everyone just saw me do this like this is why like I don’t dribble the ball during games
’cause something like this is gonna happen, so that was a pretty fun memory for me and
I actually had a few of the people in the clinic like come over and like pick me up
’cause they saw that I fell so that was a pretty fun memory. So they come to our games and then we get
so excited when we see them out in Geneva. We get to talk to them and they share that
they’ve — they tell us that they’ve been playing basketball and how excited they are
to come to our games so I love seeing them in the stands.

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