Special Forces Clinic Tour

So here we are. We’re at the 10th Group Special
Forces Clinic that we share with Robinson Clinic. This is where we see all our patients
every day. And this is also where patients would come if they were injured on the jump
for Airborne Jumps. We’ve actually just recently gone to what’s
called the Soldier Center Medical Home Model. And so basically the Soldier Center Medical
Home is a place where a soldier can come and get all the things that they need in one stop.
This hallway is mostly all exam rooms; they’re multipurpose exam rooms. We have these treatment
rooms; it’s pretty nice to have something like this here in our clinic because we can
take care of some of the sicker patients without having to send them up to the ER. We have
our physical therapy room, and this is where we do a lot of our musculoskeletal physical
therapy rehab. At the end of this hallway we would run into our pharmacy and our lab,
and that’s where patients can go and get their meds after they see us, and they can go and
get blood drawn or do urine studies, those kind of things. So it’s a one-stop-shop for
them, so to speak. Working here in this clinic is great, because,
you know, we’re a pretty small little family; this is a one place where all our patients
can come and just get everything that they need, and we’re here basically every single
day, from morning till evening, unless we’re out in the field doing something with the
guys. And so our guys know that they can come here and find this if they need something
from us.

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