Speaking Truth: Family Nurse Practitioner Students at SMU

>>Oh my gosh.>>That’s not what I want to say [laughs]. Gosh, what am I trying to say? What was the question again?>>I don’t know if I’m allowed to
say that on the camera [laughs].>>The reason I wanted to become
a family nurse practitioner was to really do something that made an impact.>>Samuel Merritt was always recommended
because of the reputation it has.>>It just fit. It was the perfect fit for me.>>This program just really gives you that
preparation, gives you that confidence to be able to go out there and practice.>>Starting out you lack the self-confidence
and you feel like you don’t know anything.>>You’re up late at night. You’re studying for exams, wondering if
you’re even going to pass that next day.>>I always told my husband,
“Like, I can’t do this anymore.”>>There will be nights when you’re
going to wonder what the hell am I doing. Am I actually going to get through this?>>The mental capacity that you’re going
to be pushed to is going to exhaust you. You think to yourself, “Maybe
this isn’t for me.”>>I did have to give up my social life.>>Getting eight hours of sleep is more of a
luxury when you’re in this program as well.>>It is such an intense program. You eat, breathe, and live nursing from the
moment you begin to the moment that you end.>>My Samuel Merritt University
instructors are kind of — In one way they’re your angel and your devil. They advocate for you but they
aren’t going to let you off easy if there’s something you need to improve on.>>It took a lot of hard work. You have to keep learning. You have to keep teaching yourself, but
know that the faculty will be there for you for support whenever you need it.>>They basically are able to just
bring you in from the beginning and teach you everything from the ground up.>>I have one Samuel Merritt professor that
really, really impacted me a great deal.>>You spend three years with people and
you really get to know them very well and they become a part of your life.>>And I’ve made some really,
really good friends [inaudible] and they were probably the best part of it.>>They’re crazy. They’re funny. They’re difficult to work with and
then they’re enjoyable to work with.>>That support is definitely
there to just keep us going. Anything that can help a patient manage their
healthcare we can be there as a partner.>>I love working with people. I love feeling like what
I do makes a difference.>>It’s not easy. It’s definitely not easy, but when you
get to the end, it’s definitely worth it. [ music ]

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