Spaulding Rehabilitation & Perkins Access: Digital Accessibility puts patients first

People want to be included. People want to be included in society in many many respects in particularly when it comes to trying to access the right kind of healthcare. It’s critically important that our website is accessible and it includes all of our patients that look for services at Spaulding. And by providing an accessible website we include the entire community. And I think it will really help us communicate with our patients in a much more profound way. The Spaulding website redesign was the impetus for our most recent collaboration. Spaulding came to us at the ideal time they wanted to build accessibility into the design before they started coding the project. We were thrilled to work with Spaulding because we believe that building accessibility into the design phase makes a better experience for all down the road. When you start to design and build a website that’s completely accessible for people with disabilities you move someone away from being a corporate first website to a patient first website and that is a trend that absolutely has to happen in healthcare. I’m Joshua Boissoneau I’m a human resources assistant here at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Charlestown and currently have an undiagnosed neurological disease. So I just woke up one morning without feeling in my entire body and was paralyzed so it just kind of came on randomly. When I arrived at Spaulding they put a team together of P.T, O.T and speech and it was an intensive program. Fortunately for me, I was able to progress and kind of push through some of the hurdles I had to face. I’ve slowly gotten the feeling back in my core but I don’t have feeling in my extremities my arms, from my elbows down or from my knees down. An accessible website will make life a lot easier to navigate and it will also make it easier for individuals like myself that have the dexterity issues and having an accessible website we’ll be self sufficient in what they’re looking for. Today we’re at Spaulding Rehab in Charlestown to do some user testing on the new website to ensure that the website is easy to use and that it’s as accessible as possible. We have a very unique user network of people with disabilities who are very important to every project that we do and it was critical to Spaulding to put the patient first. And the way we do that is bringing in actual members of the community who have disabilities and can participate in creating a much more accessible design. I think making the site more accessible is wonderful because anybody going to the site should feel like oh I know how to get there I know what to do. I use my phone for just about everything and being able to have a website that’s easy for me to use my thumb to navigate is incredible. Really kind of makes it all worth while to be able to get to that content and say yeah you know this is a great improvement and this is really going to help me when I come to the Spaulding Rehab site. You’ve got to go above and beyond you’ve got to set the example for others to be able to join you and this is a way of bringing everyone in and making them feel like an important part of the community. Visit and experience patient-first accessibility. Visit Learn more about making your digital products and services accessible. Logos on screen: Spaulding Rehabilitation Network. Perkins Access.

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