Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital Rebuilds Lives and Renews Hope

(mellow guitar music) – [Narrator] Spalding
Rehabilitation Hospital, rebuilding lives, renewing hope, your experts in acute rehabilitation. As a patient of Spalding,
it is our primary goal to get you back to the most
functional life possible. We are solely here to help you. We are here to work patiently with you, everything from physical therapy to speech language pathology. Here at Spalding, you can rest assured that we will do everything in our power to help you in your recovery. As the first licensed acute
rehabilitation hospital in Colorado, Spalding
Rehab has been providing acute rehabilitation for over 40 years. We work with a wide range
of injuries and needs, from amputees and victims of stroke to major or minor head trauma. Whatever your situation, the experienced and knowledgeable
team here at Spalding are prepared to work with you. – They don’t let you give up. They don’t let you walk away. They somehow work with your
mind and how you’re thinking and encourage you. And at the little, tiniest
improvement you make, they let you know. And they make you feel like it
was huge which is really good because little, teeny,
tiny improvements are huge. – We try very hard to
meet the individual needs of the individual patient. Lots of neurological
cases, lots of strokes. Occasionally we’ll have
a total hip replacement, sometimes bilateral needs. We deal with amputees, patients who have multi-trauma issues and may or may not have a brain injury that goes along with it. We also have a specialty brain injury unit that deals with the specific issues dealing with the brain injury patient. – [Narrator] Our team is ready to create a program of therapies specially designed to help
you overcome the challenges you are facing by helping you
relearn daily life skills. – They’ve helped me become me again which is a silly way to say it. But they make you feel like a person. And I think that’s very unique. And I’m not just saying that ’cause they’re all my friends now. But they’re my friends now ’cause they made me
feel like a human being. – The thing that makes
Spalding unique and special has got to be the people. They are so vested in each
and every individual patient and their success and meeting their goals. These people are highly
skilled, extremely well-trained, always actively seeking more education. So truly, it’s the
patient-staff interaction and how vested these people are in it. – [Narrator] Our staff
make an individualized rehabilitation program to
maximize your recovery, working with you each day and by providing the necessary care. – We look at the what the diagnosis is. We look at the patient’s condition at this particular point in time. Their insurance is looked at to see whether or not their
insurance will approve this particular level of care. We look at what kind of drugs they’re on, whether or not we can
provide those drugs here. And we talk to the patient. And we talk to the patient’s family. And we find out whether or not this is what the patient wants because ultimately,
that’s the driving factor. Do they wanna come here? Do they understand what acute rehab means? – [Narrator] At Spalding, our
exceptional acute rehab team will help restore your functionality and help you adapt to your new life. We have a wholistic approach
with a multidisciplinary team, including physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapy, along with psychological
services, a dietician and case managers that work
with the patients and families throughout their recovery. Our dedicated physiatrists, specializing in physical
medicine and rehabilitation, lead the team on your journey
to healing and recovery. – We do physical therapy which entails getting
from one place to another. Occupational therapy
deals with the activities of daily living. We frequently have to retrain patients to brush their teeth, to comb their hair. And they learn compensatory measures so that whatever deficits
they currently have, they learn how to work around them. – [Narrator] We implement a variety of equipment and technologies
that will help you during the course of your rehab. We have a wide range of
exercise gear and equipment to help strengthen not only your body but your confidence as well. Here at Spalding, we’ve
developed a variety of treatments and activities to create an engaging and
stimulating environment to achieve your goals. – We have a fabulous size gym. And we have all different
kinds of modalities. We have a Balance Master which is this computerized
piece of equipment that helps patients balance. Because frequently, if you’ve had a stroke or brain injury, your
sense of balance goes off. We have a driving program. We have a day rehab program that offers that extra
level of continuity of care. There are mechanical devices,
computerized devices, that can help the patient with drop foot which they’ll get with a stroke, with some some type of
neurological injury, so that when they walk, it initiates that automatic reflex so
that your foot lifts up. Also there is a computerized
training device for the hand that will encourage the hand to relearn and the nerves to re-establish
that grasping action so that they’re able to pick up objects which is just amazing to watch, fabulous. – [Narrator] We offer many amenities in our private inpatient rooms. Each private room has a personal bathroom, shower and a beautiful view. We provide the equipment and assistance to meet your individual needs with a dedicated staff ready to help you at a moment’s notice. – We have certain
accommodations that we make. The rooms are single-patient rooms. We have a patient dining room. And everybody is encouraged
to go to the dining room for their three meals. They go through the line. They interact with the
staff, the dining room staff, who are always anxious to meet their particular dietary needs. They sit as a group. And it’s so exciting to the staff to watch patients who
have not spoken at all start to interact with the other patients. – [Narrator] Throughout the
day, you will be provided with three hours of therapy to build strength and
endurance along the way. We are committed to helping you and work at a pace that’s
right for your progression. We provide a medical and
physical rehabilitation model to assist in getting you
as functional as possible and to give you your independence back. You will be provided with
an intense level of care, combined with experience and expertise to help you overcome
the challenges you face. – I think what I learned
the most at Spalding is, it doesn’t happen overnight. You don’t get better overnight. And it takes a lotta work. But I’ll be honest. As a patient, when you
start to improve some, I think you start to go,
“Okay it is gonna happen.” And being at Spalding where
they encourage you so much, even with a tiny, little
bit of improvement, it makes you more comfortable. – The philosophy that
underlies everything we do is enabling the patient
to meet their goals, to allow them to gain everything back that they are capable physically of doing. In acute care, in the
ICUs, they save their life. And then, by the time they get back here, they get to us, to our level. What we do is we work to give them back the life that was saved. – For myself, I think it
made me a better person, more confident, more
of a purpose for life. When you’re not supposed to make it and you go to a great place like Spalding, who’s very knowledgeable. But they’re also really personal. They make you feel like a person. And so anything is
possible to recover from if you’ve got the right
people workin’ with ya. – [Narrator] Spalding
Rehabilitation Hospital, rebuilding lives, renewing hope, your experts in acute rehabilitation. – Miracles happen here. And we don’t give up. (uplifting guitar music)

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