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(upbeat electronic music) – For decades, HealthONE Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital has helped people here in Colorado and from nearby states rebuild their lives and renew their hope. (upbeat electronic music) Spalding is the go-to hospital for those who have had strokes or traumatic brain injuries or severe orthopedic conditions or injuries and amputations. Spalding also offers acute care for those suffering from
neuromuscular disorders and general debility. (upbeat electronic music) So, let’s say someone’s been
in the hospital for a while, been very sick and
hasn’t moved around a lot and not strong enough to go straight home. They can come here to Spalding
to regain their strength. – They need acute care in the sense that they need
24/7 physician attention, 24/7 nursing attention and more aggressive therapy. (upbeat pop music) – [Host] Up to 42 people
stay here at one time in individual, spacious rooms. But they don’t spend
much time in those rooms. – A lot of therapy, I mean three hours is a
lot of therapy per day. And it takes that though, to make the progress that I’ve made. And I’ve just been astonished that here it is nine days here and I at least am walking
with a walker or crutches. And it’s such a relief to
know that I am getting better. (upbeat pop music) – So, we start everyone
off with an evaluation. And we see where their strengths
and their deficits are. And then from there we put together a personalized
plan for every patient to work towards their goals. – And it’s really, especially in those
early stages of recovery, about setting someone up for success. (upbeat pop music) – Traumatic brain injury patients who are very sensitive to any
kind of light or stimulation will come here to start their recovery. This is Spalding’s CSU Unit. In these rooms, there is
no visual stimulation, not even a television. But there are signs that tell everybody
where they are exactly. That way the traumatic
brain injury patients don’t get confused or frustrated. – And as soon as they no longer
need a confined environment, then we want to graduate them to more stimulus, more function. – [Woman Therapist] And some
of them don’t understand that they actually need some therapy. They feel like they can walk
and they actually can’t. (gentle piano music) – I work really closely
with occupational therapy and speech therapy. So, we all kind of overlap and that way we can kind of maximize that function for the patients. (gentle piano music) – Not only do we work
on speech and language, but we work on cognition, so memory, problem solving, attention. We work on voice. Some people have a voice disorder or vocal trauma from their injury, as well as swallowing disorders. (gentle piano music) – The mock apartment
that we have is actually, I feel, what is truly amazing
about working at Spalding because we have all of these things that we can actually hands on practice, getting back to those occupations or daily tasks which includes cooking, making the bed, vacuuming, walking on carpet, walking on wood floors, getting in and out of an actual bed, not a hospital bed. – I want you to carefully back up, – [Man] Getting in and out of a car. – I’m gonna get some cereal. – [Man] You know, getting a
box of cereal off the shelf. We’re trying to intermix. It’s not just one thing. It’s not just move your arm. It’s not just, you know, walk over there. It’s cognitively make a decision
to choose the right thing. – Okay Irene, I’d like you to pick out a birthday card for your granddaughter. – Oh. – [Man] Simply reaching for
the card, the right card, integrates a lot of brain processes. – [Man Therapist] That’s very nice. – Everything here is set up
like a typical restaurant. Now dining out is gonna
be a different experience for someone recovering from
a stroke or a brain injury. Everything from scooting into a booth, reading the menu and ordering, and then figuring out how to pay the bill will require cognitive
and functional skills. This is the place to practice. – [Woman Therapist] We can see
people make really big gains in the first couple of
days even being here. It definitely varies, but it’s really amazing to
see even an inch of progress. (gentle piano music) (upbeat orchestral music) – [Woman Nurse] You
can just see their eyes kind of light up when things
start to come together. – [Man Therapist] They
develop relationships. They start interacting with
people in the cafeteria, you know, sharing their stories. That’s therapeutic in itself. – And there’s this communication and a sense that we’re
all in this together and we’re all working with
you to get you better. – [Man Therapist] Perfect. – I love seeing patients get better. You feel like you make a difference. – [Host] HealthONE Spalding
Rehabilitation Hospital truly is extraordinary in rebuilding lives and renewing hope. – I really feel like this is the place that I needed to be, to move from where I was to back to my life. (upbeat orchestral music)

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