South Denver’s New Labor, Delivery & Recovery | Sky Ridge Medical Center

– Sky Ridge in a way
that’s very exciting for us because we have a very
close partnership with them has done a lot to advance
what they are able to offer for women’s health and for
labor and delivery services just in the past few years
and they’ve really grown to be a leader in that area
in this part of Denver. The labor and delivery unit
which is just steps away from our office here on campus
at Sky Ridge has just gone under a big complete renovation
and has state of the art operating rooms, labor and
delivery rooms that are just right there for our patients
as well as a newly updated and extremely capable NICU
for babies once they’re born, along with a separate dedicated
recovery areas for moms and babies where you can be
with your family with your baby in your own room away from
the business of the rest of that area of the hospital
is really nice because that initial bonding time is just
as important as the rest of the things that go on
during that hospitalization. So it’s a really nice
place to have a baby.

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