Somaia Selim, MD – Pediatrician in Marshalltown, Iowa | McFarland Clinic

My name is Somaia Selim. I’m board certified in General Pediatrics. I joined McFarland Clinic in 2018. I work at the pediatric clinic at the Marshalltown office. I consider myself very fortunate to be a pediatrician. I love interacting with children, taking care of them and trying to help them feel better. Also as a pediatrician, I like that I have this unique opportunity to intervene early, prevent major problems and change outcomes. That’s something really fulfilling to any physician. So I provide care to children from all age groups starting from birth to college. Preventive medicine is a major part of what I do, so whether it’s a well visit or assessment of growth and development to scheduled immunizations, sports physicals, the goal is always to try and prevent medical problems before they start. I also take care of kids when they get sick with any acute illness and manage chronic conditions. The pediatric staff and the child’s family work together as one team. We have the medical knowledge, but the parents are the experts on the children, so in almost every encounter, there’s something critical in their mind they would like to share. I think it’s important to really listen to what they are trying to communicate and provide guidance and reassurance as appropriate. That smile you see on a child’s face when you get into the exam room, and a sincere “Thank you” from the parents, that’s really priceless. So to me “Extraordinary Care” means that great team working together and doing their best to provide compassionate, comprehensive care to the children and their families.

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