Snuggle bunnies at the Bunnies in Baskets hoppy hour or bunny tea

I love them. They’re beautiful. Literally, like, everything they do is cute. I have not come across a bunny move that is not cute. My name is Megan Hakala
and I am the managing director of Bunnies in Baskets. We are a non-profit.
We are a small group of volunteers and a lot of bunnies and we train these guys
and take them out to visit folks in senior centers and hospitals and schools
and offices and anywhere that needs some bunny love, these guys will be there. We have hangars over there if you’d like to hang up any coats or bags or anything
like that. These guys all love to be pet from the tops of their heads and all the
way down their backs. Tonight we are here at hoppy hour at our bunny studio in
North Portland on the corner of Vancouver and Alberta. — Oops, the fuzz flies. Hoppy hour is two hours of bunny snuggling fun. It’s the best way to de-stress from
your week. And then on the last weekend of the month we have bunny tea on Sunday,
where we dress this place up all nice and bring out our fancy china and have a little tea party. Once everybody’s done with the food, we bring out the bunnies for snuggling. So when they get in their little bed, that’s generally a very good indicator
that they are ready to be held. So you can grab the bed on either side like a
little taco and just taco them up and hold them like a little fuzzy baby. We are trying not to cry. These guys are all super extroverted and
very social for bunnies. Not all bunnies are like this. Most of these guys are all
rescues. Some of these guys were dropped off on our doorstep, which is not legal,
so don’t do that. Other guys have come to us from the Humane Society. The Rabbit Advocates, they’re a local rescue and we’ve gotten quite a few bunnies from them. They always appreciate a good ear scratch. What Thomas is doing here
right now, and this is Thomas he’s our mayor. What he’s doing right now is
called a bunny bow and that means he’s saying, ‘Yes, you may pet me, please pet me,
do so right now, on my head.’ It’s usually a really, really special thing for people
to come in and really get to know these guys. They’re very surprising when they
start to show their personalities. Just watching them is calming for people.
Everything they do is cute so it’s very distracting for people,
especially when we go on visits to people who are in pain or the seniors.
You know the bunnies bring a little bit of joy and a little bit of something different. And there’s something about a prey animal letting you into its world, and loving you and trusting you, is really something, you know, because dogs
love everybody, that’s just how they are, and we love them for that. These guys are a little bit more discerning and to have them love you is
is really a special thing.

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