Sneak Peek: New Season of Dr. Pimple Popper!

SANDRA LEE: This season
on “Dr. Pimple Popper.” FEMALE PATIENT: I have bumps. Something is growing on the top. MALE PATIENT: It feels like
somebody poured gasoline on me. MALE PATIENT: It rips
apart at your soul. You almost want to give up. MALE PATIENT: These nodules
are occluding my breathing. SANDRA LEE: It really
is pretty floppy. FEMALE PATIENT: They’re
incredibly painful. They cause headaches. I don’t know what they are. This is definitely one of
the bigger ones we’ve done. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Hello. FEMALE PATIENT: Hi. Why are you crying? It’s important to treat because
it helps treat your head. I just wanted to say thank
you for helping me with this. [INAUDIBLE] . It’s in your power to do this. You’ve really changed my life. I feel like today’s the
day that you lose this. This bump. Thank you. I’ve never seen
anything like this. I don’t know what
we’re gonna do. The bad news is that
there is no real cure. I feel like you’re really
frustrated about this. More than frustrated. I disagree. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] MALE PATIENT: Lord, we pray
that you would help us this day. Thank you for Dr.
Lee for her skills. Amen. That’s a lot of pressure. Squeezing your cheeks. FEMALE PATIENT: Ah! SANDRA LEE: Come to mama. What have you collected in here? I found your brain. Wow. SANDRA LEE: Oh! On my arm. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Oh. SURGEON: It can be
like a minefield. It can be like an
unexploded bomb. SANDRA LEE: So close. [GRUNTING] Messiest lipoma ever. Where’s my big serving
spoon when I need it? That is extremely satisfying.

100 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: New Season of Dr. Pimple Popper!

  1. I CANNOT WAIT!!! 😁 I LOVE watching all of the procedures, but I have to admit that I shed many tears last season…When watching & you realize how many people have hidden away in their homes or put their plans or lives on hold because of their bumps/cysts/lipomas/skin issues. It's so amazing when they finally go in & she's able to help them, and with such compassion, it made me cry several times. You and your staff are top notch, Dr. Lee!!! Thank you for all that you do!!!

  2. Most of these patients are not used to go to doctor in the begin or just laser therapy . Disgusting ,and i can tell u i see many like that on the street even not old. I had a releph spot on my waist and i removed it when i was 15,i said to my mom is time finally not to turn someday in cancer and at all was fcking ugly and unplesent to touch

  3. I have sever plaque psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, I feel for the guy who said feels like acid poured on his body!! That's how mine is but all over my body.😭😭

  4. Dr. Lee is great. What a very kind person. She has got a great sense of humor too. I'm happy for her patients too. They leave happy and confident after their procedure is over.

  5. Those poor people feeling so freaky and big kiddos to Dr Lee for being so kind to them and helping them in a practical professional way. Good on ya Dr Lee.

  6. Dra. Lee he llorado al ver sus videos pero he llorado por que usted tiene un corazon tan grande al ayudar a todos , gracias por ser una persona tan humanitaria.

  7. Watching this made me realized how grateful I should be for the acne I get every now and then. I would always bitch about it, but now I don't care.

  8. خیلی مهم است آشنایی با اینگونه بیماریها که برای هرکس پیش بیاد یکی از برنامهای مورد علاقه ی من است

  9. I just got TLC and I'm so excited. Tonight is the big night. I couldn't afford the cable that including TLC but Comcast ran a special making it available to me and other channels for a year for less than I was paying for lousy antenna tv they call it. So I'm very excited.

  10. So excited to see this upcoming episodes and watch how Dr. Pimple Popper changes these people's lives by getting rid of these lymphomas

  11. I caught a few of these on last Thursday night, on TLC. I so look forward to the next show. I can't wait to see what you will do about the huge bump on that crossing guards finger.

  12. …i could be watching its funneh i could be watching azzy land or leahashe in stade im here i like it

  13. por favor es necesario ver toda la cirugia, y el resultado final . incluida la felicidad de la paciente!!

  14. Your amazing and saving people's lives that other doctors turn away. I'm obsessed watching your show with my fiance'. He has something on his back growing and we may need help. Your an angel. Also it may be gross but its apart of life and how would you feel if someone made fun of you with some one these deformities. She has never judged. We may look at food different lol but your a great doctor.

  15. Thank you for helping all of these people they are so grateful to have you to help them get rid of their problems and they think you so much and so do we

  16. Do the lipomas tend to be malodorous? As a retired nurse I commend you and your staff on giving wonderful care and excellent patient support!

  17. Adoro como ela é carinhosa com seus pacientes. Adoraria que no Brasil os médicos fossem assim, comprometidos.

  18. When are you going to show your new episode I believe it was July 11th 2019 I've been waiting I haven't seen it

  19. This people can die from this and i love watching doctor doctors because i want to be a doctor and i aint scared even im only 10 years old

  20. This sorry sack of shit with the finger problem is racist and a pile of crap he looks down on anyone thats not black see the full vid of him he treats dr lee like shit and mean mugs the shit outta her like shes less than him hes a sry sack of shit im sry hes a piece of shit n she shouldn't have helped him someone else could have used her help she went above and beyond shes amazing

  21. This is the weirdest thing I've seen before but it seems that it has been an amazing experience to me in my life as well but it wasn't the stuff that came out it's the sacks the they house them self it that really surprises me.

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