Smiley’s Clinic: The face of family medicine

Smiley’s is the family medicine training clinic
for our residency program and we serve nine thousand patients, of which about sixty to seventy percent are medicaid and medicare. And another sixty percent are probably refugees
and immigrants. We know that a robust foundation of primary
care is critical for the health of a state and a nation. The data is clear that in the countries and
the places where there is strong family medicine that the cost is lower and the outcomes are
better. Smiley’s does a great job of serving the community in a really unique way because we have access to outstanding behavioral healthcare, we have
clinical pharmacy staff that can help, as well. So in addition to my role as the physician,
I also have these other outstanding clinicians that can help take care of our patients and
give them the best treatment possible. My parents came here, I brought my children
here, and my grandchildren now come here. And it covers all of our needs. The care starts right at the front desk and
it continues all the way through to follow-up. The pharmacist, the nurse that comes in and
takes your blood pressure, all of those people, they now who you are. I’ve been here for twenty years and I come
here every day because of our mission; our mission to take care of patients who many
other clinics won’t take care of. And I work alongside people who have that same mission. And all of us here work at a hundred and ten
percent to do that every day. If we don’t secure longterm state funding
for the training of family medicine physicians, Minnesota will no longer be one of the healthiest
states in the nation.

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