Small Animal Hospital: Veterinary Medicine

When Dublin was 6 months old he injured his
front paw and fractured his growth plate which caused angular limb deformity. We were referred
to Oregon State University and we heard they have the best team of doctors to deal with
angular limb deformity. So when we brought him here, Dr. Warnock was fantastic, she went
through all of our options and was really straightforward with us about what would be
best for him. We chose to go with the full corrective surgery. Initially, our fears were,
nothing’s guaranteed with surgery and we hadn’t found a lot of doctors in Oregon who did that
type of surgery that Dublin had done, so we were apprehensive about that. Recovery time
for him was shorter than we expected and he is back up on his feet and at 100% now. We
see, especially in the referral setting, we see a lot of clients that are very anxious,
that are very concerned about their pets. We realize that most of our owners that come
here, their pet isn’t just an animal, it’s their family member. We want everybody to
feel that’s how we think of them too and we’re going to be taking care of it in the same
capacity and with the same care they would. One of the most important things is client
communications, just really making sure that everyone’s on the same page, that the owners
have a clear understanding of the disease process or what’s going on with their pet
first of all and then all of their options for treatment. We take in appointments in
the morning and we’ll do exams, come up with plans, diagnostic plans with our owners and
then in the afternoon is typically time to do additional diagnostics or treatments we
have planned. It’s really nice being able to form that connection with the owners since
we are the first one that they meet. I do feel like we gain a relationship right off
the bat with that owner. Being that we are a teaching hospital we can also grow beyond
that in that we are teaching veterinarians, these are the veterinarians of tomorrow. And
then they’re going to go into their own communities and make the same impact with the pets and
their families. The fact that we have this environment where not only do we have a pretty
nice complement of experts in their field. Not just more certified specialists but people
that are really passionate about what they have chosen to pursue in terms of their professional
career and they really make that evident in the type of patient care that they deliver
and the interaction that we all have together. We can all come together and discuss complex
cases and most of the time that’s how our care is delivered actually. Not just an individual
person moving forward but rather it’s a team of specialists working together to make sure
that we deliver the most complete and compassionate and also cutting edge care that we can to
our patients

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