Sleep training for infants – Akron Children’s Hospital video

– Newborn infants, so about zero to two or three months old need between 14 and 17
hours of sleep at night, whereas as slightly older
infants, so three to 12 months, need more like 12 to 15 hours of sleep. There is kind of what’s called the classical extinction method, some parents might of heard
it as called cry it out. And that is when you
essentially put your child down in bed, in a crib, a safe space for them, drowsy, but not fully asleep, and you leave them and you
allow them to self soothe, which often looks like crying for infants, until they put themselves to sleep. Some parents will choose
to do a more gradual sleep training method, when they’re present with the child but kind of gradually reducing the amount of physical
contact they have with them. So they may instead of picking
them up or rocking them, they may be present in the room but still allowing their child
to fall asleep on their own without a lot of parental interaction, and gradually fading further
and further from their child, gradually reduce the physical contact. Or, they may put their child down, allow them to try to go to sleep, but then come back and check
on them from time to time so that they are seeing
how their child’s doing, allowing them to self soothe, the child knows that the parent’s there but they’re not physically
present the whole time. Infants, like all of us, can
certain be having illnesses that can be interrupting their sleep, so if a child is overly fussy, has a difficult time self soothing, then it could be good for parents to reach out to their
doctor to see if maybe their child’s dealing
with something like colic. Infants often go through
teething at this age as well. Another reason that would
be important for parents to reach out to the doctor is if they’re noticing their child having any difficulty breathing at night. So if they’re doing any
snoring, choking, gasping while they’re trying to sleep, it would make sense to
talk to their pediatrician.

26 thoughts on “Sleep training for infants – Akron Children’s Hospital video

  1. Self soothing which looks a lot like crying lol obviously! it’s the classic let them cry themselves to sleep method

  2. My 2nd month baby is not at all sleeping at night's….. She's fine in all aspects but bot sleeping at night's…. Much worried

  3. Letting a baby “cry it out” is causing early psychological trauma that may later develop into chronic insomnia later in life. For my baby I use the “attachment parenting approach” which has been nature’s way in human history. I co-slept with both of my babies, and hardly did they ever cry during the day or night, unless they were sick or hurting in some way. They usually slept all night, 8/9 hours average. I also breastfed them, 14 months for the first, and continuing with the second (15 months now). The co-sleeping helps them feel secure and love. Not having to “soothe” themselves. This letting them cry it out may also develop into low self-esteem issues, and insecurities later in life. All of this research is presented in the book “The Baby Book” about attachment parenting.

  4. I always rock my precious little baby who's 17 months 🍼🍼 after a night feed she refuses to go in her cot with out me rocking and singing her to sleep 😥 she screams for hours at night if she's not in my arms ❤️ not babies for long enjoy every moment

  5. Leave your babies alone in their bed so they can put you in nursing house easily when u are older 😂karma

  6. This is unscientific! Read some new research:
    Crying it out is DANGEROUS for babies!

  7. I only have one child. I decided to only breast feed him and I thought I had the milk he needed. so he was crying, and crying every time I would put him down in his crib. he would only calm down when having the nipple in his mouth. I went to ask a specialized breastfeeding consultant…. they insisted on me having him to my chest and make sure he moves his mouth actively to take milk. the 20 min on a side, 20 min on another every 2-3 hours or so….don't remember…. then I heard about cluster-feeding…. while my son was literally starving with me next to him. he would sleep well throughout the night but cranky and crying during daytime. So I went to the dr and asked what can I do. the baby wasn't yet loosing weight, but not gaining either. once I introduced some formula after breastfeeding every time first, he would be so happy and good little boy. now he is a relative good eater and he's 4 and very funny and smart little boy. I still blame myself for not listening completely my instincts in the beginning. So, in my case, no colicky baby, no sick but HUNGRY baby that wouldn't stop crying until fed well. I advice, before you decide a method to calm down your child, check everything possible and make sure your baby doesn't have other needs.

  8. My baby is nine months old, just learned to stand up in the crib. Wakes up at 3am and starts to climb up the crib and stand up all the time, no minute of rest for us or him. Is it right to let him do it till he gets tired and eventually sleeps? Actually there s nothing else to do on these moments because nothing else works.

  9. Info from 30 years ago! We now know it’s not healthy to let and infant “cry it out.” Know better, do better. This video is harmful.

  10. This can be a good baseline. Self soothing may be a bad idea tho at a young age. A lot of babies need a parents touch at a very early age.

  11. ''Cry it out'' is a cruel way that has very bad emotionally results as adults such as separation anxiety and difficulties of getting separate from the mother and building healthy relationship. Me and my husband has many issues thanks to this experience of him while he was a baby, he and all his brothers are dealing with the same problems.
    Don't run to the dr for your issues, listen to your natural mother instincts.

  12. do you know why religion failed? religion failed because of the ones who run the churches, had they been handing out money to whoever whenever. they'd be in the clear. they're not even close evil grin

  13. do you know why parents have such a hard time with children that refuse to listen to simple suggestions?
    typically, it is because of the parents not willing to listen to simple suggested comments being made by baby. I'd bet none of you have ever heard English words from Baby at 1 day into this life. typically because parents don't use common sense and cannot hear baby-talking backward. You adults claiming to be mature won't even realize or take the time to try things differently. instead the adult mind attack different for mentally ill disturbed reasons

  14. I don't give up on children of any age. I take notes. watch and listen. if things get out of hand. then I'll do my thing. which technically I am doing my thing. staying out of the greedy adults way while they plan to wipe out every living species I ever created. can't fix stupid

  15. Supporting cry it out is toxic. Especially from a medical source. Please provide research citations that support developmental benefits of cry it out. There are multiple studies that have observed elevated cortisol levels in babies who are left to cry, even after they stop. Crying is not self soothing. Babies cannot self soothe. They have a biological need for closeness and care. Please get informed and stop spreading non science.

  16. You never let your child cry themselves to sleep!!! That's not the right thing to do!!! The research tells us that this creates issues in person's later life as they fail to be emotionally available and in fact leaving the child alone makes them more dependent in the future and they find it challenging adjusting tone life situations. I hope this woman is not a medical staff, if she is, then she is worryingly out of practice!!!

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