Sleep Disorders Center – Boys Town National Research Hospital

When children are experiencing sleep problems,
it can be disrupting and upsetting for the entire family.
Lack of an adequate amount of sleep can lead to problems in school and at home, irritability
and behavioral problems. The Boys Town Sleep Disorders Center is designed
specifically for pediatric patients, ages 3-18 years, but technicians can perform sleep
studies on adults as well. The Boys Town Sleep Disorders Center examines
the following sleep and behavioral concerns. -Respiratory problems
-Parasomnias (sleep walking, sleep talking) -Sleep behavior issues
-Narcolepsy/daytime sleepiness -Obstructive sleep apnea
-Snoring -Night terrors
Studies are conducted Monday through Friday by a team of licensed healthcare professionals
and experience sleep technicians. When children come for a sleep study they
usually come in, in the late afternoon or early evening and the study usually starts around
seven or eight o’clock at night depending on the age of the child. During the study, electrodes will be placed
on specific locations of your child’s body to monitor breathing patterns, brain activity,
eye movement, muscle activity, heart rate, oxygen levels and oro-nasal airflow.
A polysomnogram records the different sleep stages and any problems that may be occurring
during each stage. A video camera will record any behavioral
issues that may occur during sleep. The entire study is non-invasive and painless. The sleep study is an overnight evaluation.
In order to capture the most accurate results, we need your child to feel as comfortable
as possible. You are welcome to bring favorite items from
home to help maintain your bedtime routine. -Stuffed animal
-Blanket -Bedtime storybook
-Pajamas -Pull-ups
-Bedtime snack (No caffeinated beverages) Boys Town National Research Hospital requires
that a parent stay the night with their child. A separate bedroom is offered for the parent
or if the parent wishes to stay in the same room with the child, comfortable sleeping
arrangements are available. The mission of Boys Town is to change the
way America cares for children, families, and communities. We know sleep problems can
be very disruptive within families and so we feel that if we are able to diagnose those
problems and, along with our large group of very capable and competent pediatricians and
ENT doctors, come up with a treatment plan to help the child get better and get back
to normal sleep and a normal life. The Boys Town Sleep Disorders Center is located
Boys Town National Research Hospital at 14000 Boys Town Hospital Road, (139th Pacific) on
the campus of Boys Town. If you are interested in determining the cause
of your child’s sleep disorder, contact your physician for a referral to the Boys
Town Sleep Disorder Center.

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