Six children dead after viral outbreak at New Jersey rehabilitation center

all right Kevin health officials in New Jersey are trying to get a handle on a deadly virus that’s taken the lives of six children 12 others have also been affected and are in the intensive care unit this outbreak especially severe because it’s affecting children with severely compromised immune systems Dan gentlemen has the latest the outbreak has claimed the lives of six children and a dozen more are severely ill according to the New Jersey Health Department all were being treated at this northern New Jersey children’s rehabilitation center that cares for children with compromised immune systems the culprit is adenovirus normally associated with minor illnesses this specific strain is associated with more serious respiratory viruses it’s hard to get rid of when it gets in a closed environment like a dormitory a rehab center or a nursing home facility like this is once it’s in there it can stick on surfaces it’s hard to clean off and it’s very easy to spread from person to person reports say the facility alerted health authorities about the virus on October 9th Paula Costigan son is among those severely ill she says she didn’t learn about it until Monday kids died from this and what’s the outcome gonna be and I think they should have notified us sooner and they shouldn’t have let him get so bad that his one lung was completely shut down before they sent him to the hospital in a statement the facility says they promptly notified all appropriate government agencies when the virus was initially identified and continues to fully cooperate with these agencies and has sought out their medical guidance for now the facility is not allowed to accept new patients dan gentlemen NBC News

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