Singing for a Friend in the Hospital – Pulmonary Hypertension

someone computer again if I only came
out at night everything would be good because it’s permanently dark at night
but you know that where we’re all in u.s. we’re going to
UCLA Medical Center because we never visit a friend of mine she’s in the
hospital is not feeling very well and actually wants us to come and go play
some music and we brought the guitar and I don’t know she wants to remain
anonymous I just ate some quinoa and pretended it was a pizza same sweatshirt
nothing changes anything else I can add oh I cut Dave’s hair finally because
he’s been asking for her couch like 14 years he’s falling asleep because the
slogs I’d only want to film it’s late well
first of all I don’t think what’s supposed to the second of all I don’t
think I’m supposed to the third of all when does that ever stop me fourth of
all there’s like nobody here which is really a good sign get into a hospital
where nobody is I don’t know if you want to be on camera
we’re here with all these wonderful people were with Lorna levy or not levy
anytime Jonathan brew my voice cracked cuz I’m
going through puberty again oh my gosh Alicia right fair and honest feeling
better thank god that’s Dave I’m like the only musician that doesn’t know how
to play anything but my own music it’s kind of embarrassing we’re gonna thank
God Only Knows and will you sing with us cuz I know y’all I need to say I may not always there are some of you
you’ll never know sit down it’ll not make you so sure about it god only knows what I keep on singing of
farming down sing it sing love happy not seven just sing sing a song make it
happy to last the whole mile of Arnaz requesting a song yeah I’m on the best
thing do tell me do tell more I have have I smiled like this I’m happy it’s
like the first time I’m actually happy to be a part but also this place is
really nice at my food yeah and also I don’t know if like 30 things in my arm
which I’m very grateful for right well you know but you didn’t have 30 things
actually in your arm either no I just have to you just got two things that are
necessary woman I have to think that sounds like I’m great but still of picking up my feet I found
a place that I but I’ve never felt so alone already
done oh you can be may and you can’t stand
it’s all why fucking tears away they come and you can’t be say when you lose
it all in all the darkness my is found so don’t try that’s the song nights me cry well the
fact is you know what makes me cry good night everyone thanks for watching
ratting upstairs I’m gonna go see my little raspberry okay bye

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