47 thoughts on “Simple interrupted suture (wound suturing) – OSCE Guide

  1. kindly make a video explaining CT scans head,chest and abdomen.These are often placed in annual exams.The
    app is very helpful

  2. Thanks a lot!!
    Can you Please let us know what do you do with the needle after suturing or in between suturing to minimize the risk of injury?

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  4. Just a question. At the first steps, why did the needle have to go out of the middle wound then reinserted to the other tissue on equal bites? Couldn't you just insert once, then go through both tissues then out once?

  5. Thanks I really need this for next week cause our teacher goes too fast and I can't copy jack shit so thanks for the help! 😀

  6. It looks pretty easy. My university had something similar to this but none of them looked like this. Remarkable work 🙂

  7. thanks alot for these videos but i hope to publish other kinds of stitching as inverted sutures and subcuticular one

  8. How much distance should there be between the needle insertion point and the edge of the wound? Is it always the same?

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