Signs you may have a pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor – Mayo Clinic

It’s a rare tumor. So we know that there
are probably about one per 100,000 per year. With neuroendocrine tumors, the
first sign can be the tumor producing hormones that cause symptoms. The hormone called Gastrin, which causes your stomach acid to go up and eventually may result
in stomach ulcers and severe diarrhea. Occasionally these pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors can make insulin, which makes your blood sugar drop and you will have
symptoms from that. So the pancreas or that part of the the body, is a busy
place. There’s a lot of nerves running up and down there, blood vessels. These
tumors can start pushing on the nerves causing pain and sometimes
patients just have a quiet small pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors that has spread to the liver and the liver is starting to fill up with metastases and that may
cause pain on its own. We are increasingly seeing those diagnosed at
the early stages, oftentimes incidentally meaning that patients come in for other
reasons than necessarily the tumor. They have a CT, let’s say for a for a kidney
stone or something and there’s a tumor in the pancreas. You need very skilled
radiologists and nuclear medicine radiologists to make these diagnoses. As
I often say, no two neuroendocrine tumor patients are the same. The key here to
success is to get all of the team members involved early on so we can make a treatment decision that works best for that particular patient.

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