Signs In My Clinic – Dr. Schulze’s Weekly BLOG

You can heal yourself of
anything, any disease, any illness, anything. All you’ve got to
do is stop doing what you’re doing
that makes you sick and start doing what
will make you well. That’s so simple. I’ve confused people
around the world now. So let me repeat it. You can heal
yourself of anything, any disease, any illness. Anything a doctor puts a name
on, you can heal yourself. Just stop doing physically,
emotionally, and spiritually what you’ve been doing
that’s made you sick, and start doing new things that
will create powerful health. It’s that simple. I had also another
sign in my clinic. It said, “Everyone’s
looking for a great doctor. I’m looking for great patients.” Because that’s the bottom line. I don’t know if you came in
here thinking I heal people, but you are in the wrong room. Because if I look like I
can walk on water, sorry. OK, I never healed anybody. Ever. But I taught a lot of people how
to live a lifestyle physically, emotionally, and spiritually
that they healed themselves. I don’t take
responsibility for it, whether they get sick and
die, jump off a cliff. In the first week
of my clinic, I had one person
that said I killed their relative and another
person that said I was Jesus. And I learned early
on, that’s not my shit. It’s not my stuff. It’s just pollution. And I don’t take it on. I just do what I do. And health is the sum
total of everything you do that makes
you feel great.

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