Sierra Integrative Medical Center – Marcia Testimonial

Good morning, my name is Marcia Keenan. I’m patient at Sierra Integrative Medical Center reno I have headline disease since 1999 the typical story and
Paulus line people I was eight years one thing going
wrong after another be 4i finely found a doctor diagnosed my first day in
his office so that was in california and I started treatment with him provide disease and I
did several years on an antibiotics or two three or four
different types today and fight me I V antibodies along with by selling shots Intel I went
into renal failure haha I he stopped that treatment stayed under that doctors
scare and tried strictly dickly natural things in the Bay Area until last October when I’m the climbers Redknapp seen yen
was coming back written vengeance by the indigent
anywhere you like no longer dry hackberry hoc could not
read my key piece we’re going he’d your and our I was very sick person I rates articles in newspaper and every by Chuck Norris about Lyme disease he
had mentioned seer degree Medical Center for some
reason I can’t remember that and I called and by me appointments about a year in two weeks ago and came to be known was treated at at the clinic I was six
weeks here are with a challenge treatments but it
has been worth it I’ve got my health back. I just had my
yearly checkup, no spiral peace no sign line I hide five to six days week several miles I do Pilates and I am blessed with are excellent health India I got my life
back thanks to this place I just wish more
people knew about it and didn’t allow their house to continue
to deteriorate by going the antibiotic word ready it inches compounds the issue lyme disease so now I’m burkina eating healthier and
stronger him and during summer issues that
developed during hear all these years have in mind sees

25 thoughts on “Sierra Integrative Medical Center – Marcia Testimonial

  1. Congratulations on your miraculous recovery. Going from not being able to read and nearing kidney failure to being able to hike most days of the week is amazing improvement. Sierra Integrative Medical Center sounds like a wonderful place and it's great that you're spreading the word!

  2. wow, this sounds like an amazing medical center. I'm so glad that you got the needed treatment for your Lyme disease.  It's nice to see a medical organization that isn't just satisfied with pumping its patients with drugs, but truly treating them .

  3. Wow!  As a sufferer of lyme and the pesky spirochetes, I am always looking for alternative ways to be well.  I've been a bit sick these past two weeks.  Sounds like Sierra Integrative Medical Center was well worth it for you!  Was part of their therapy infrared saunas?  Hope you continue to be well, and congratulations!!

  4. Oh my gosh Marcia!  All that pain that lime disease can cause…I am so happy that you found the Sierra Integrative Medical Center.  They found out what was going on and was able to treat you.  I am definitely going to tell people about this medical center.  Helping people recover from such diseases is what medical centers are all about and I am happy Sierra Integrative Medical Center cares.

  5. My goodness, what an inspirational video. My cousins are suffering from the exact same thing and they are so close to giving up.
    I'm going to show this to my family and make them feel better.

    Thank you, Marcia.

  6. Nice video on Marcia's recovery  from Lyme Disease with the help of Sierra Integrative Medical Center (SIMC).
    SIMC was a godsend for Marcia.

  7. Hey Marcia.  So happy that you're getting the care you need and deserve.  Lime disease is definitely a challenging ailment to deal with so awesome job to Sierra Integrative MC for making you life better.    All the best!

  8. What an amazing and inspiring story!  Marcia, I'm so glad that you got the help that you needed and found Sierra Integrative Medical Center!

  9. The Sierra Integrative Medical Center really looks like it's making great advancements in medicine, and helping people like Marcia overcome and get treatments for things like Lyme Disease. It's absolutely inspiring to someone come back from something like that and live a happy, healthy life.

  10. It's great to know that there is some kind of treatment for Lyme's, I know someone who has it and will definitely be referring them to Sierra Integrative Medical Center. I really am glad your feeling better Marcia and persevered in getting treatment!

  11. Excellent video. This is a terrific testimonial. It is great to see patients like Marcia
    get the treatment they so desperately need. Sierra Integrative Medical Center appears to be an outstanding facility.

  12. Wow, congratulations Marcia, finally you got victory over your disease. Sierra Integrative Medical Center is doing great job. We hope they continue to provide more and more outstanding treatments.

  13. Congratulations on your recovery ,I'm so glad that you get the treatment  that you needed  for your Lyme disease. 

  14. Lyme Disease is horrible. I once was a caretaker for a lady who had it for weeks, and was in pain, but didn't know why. Good job to Sierra Integrative for taking care of everything.

  15. Congratulations on your recovery Marcia. I'm glad you found Sierra Integrative Medical Center. Your recovery gives so many people hope that they can tackle their Lyme disease too.

  16. Marcia, I am so glad that you finally got the help you needed to overcome lyme disease. Sierra Integrative Medical sounds like a great place.

  17. This is very informative and well described. It's easy to understand all the points being made about Marcia's recovery. I enjoyed it a lot and will share what I learned with all my friends.

  18. I'm sorry to hear that you had to deal with that. It sucks knowing that you have to go through all of those things before you get good treatment. I felt the same way about my MS. At least you are doing better. I'm happy for you!

  19. Sierra Integrative Medical Center appears to be the glimmer of hope for people like Marcia when all conventional methods have failed. Her testimony is proof of the wonders that modern medicine can do to treat a debilitating illness such as Lyme Disease. I'm sure that's not the only thing they treat very well either. Everyone should keep this place in mind when battling sickness so that you can one day have your life back in the darkest of times.

  20. I think Marcia.. you are a fighter… and Sierra Integrative Medical Center has helped you a lot to recover..Its a great and inspirational video which says that never give up…

  21. Oh my gosh, that sounds like a terrible experience. I'm soo glad you're better now 🙂 I wish you the best of luck with all future endeavors! Live long and prosper, you deserve it.

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