Sierra Integrative Medical Center Lyme Disease Treatment

Hi there. My name is Dr. Bruce Fong, I’m the medical director here at Sierra Integrative Medical Center. I’d like to welcome you to our facility. We take pride here at Sierra Integrative Medical Center to really take an in-depth approach to analyzing our patients and providing the
best therapies whether they come from a more
conventional allopathic or possibly a more complimentary direction. To give you a little a bit of our history, Sierra Integrative Medical Center was founded by myself back in 2004 based off of many years of experience, both myself as well as generational experience from my parents who pioneered a lot of the integrative techniques that we use to this day. Upon your visit here to the Sierra Integrative
Medical Center we sit down and have a very in-depth
history and physical with you which quite often our initial intakes last
about two hours. This will give us time to really really
get to know you as well as to really really explore all the facets of
what really could be causing you to have the illnesses that you do. We here at Sierra Integrative Medical Center do not like to simply put a label on
something and simply say well here’s your five-minute consult, here’s your
diagnosis and here’s your medicine. We feel that quite often chronic
illnesses throughout the world really have many underlying
facets to them and we like to explore and
address those with various modalities, including blood work and
we do some other types of testing here in our office. Eventually once we get down to
therapies again as I said we can we could choose more conventional allopathic styles as well as many many
modalities from Eastern and Western alternative
complementary integrative type medicines. The bottom line is we find the best
combination to fit our patients. So please give us a chance and we
would love to be able to try to help you out, and thank
you for your time today.

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